Salesforce helps us easily turn data into information that we can act on to solve problems for our customers. To me, that's the ultimate win.”


Herman Miller uses Salesforce to become more solution-centric and build deeper customer relationships.

With a mission of inspiring designs to help people do great things, Herman Miller has become an icon in the furniture industry. And, as President and CEO Brian Walker said, “It’s not just about the furniture in the room. It’s about really understanding the customer and developing a partnership so that we can provide the best solutions possible.”

As Herman Miller shifts its paradigm from being product-centric to solution-centric, the company needs its sales representatives to reach inside the company to collaborate with experts and provide customers with world-class experiences to match their timeless products.

Herman Miller sees Salesforce and the implementation of Sales Cloud as a real way to accelerate that development. “Now we have a process to help anticipate customer needs and put the right capabilities around the customer and the sales team,” said Walker.

Marketing Cloud brings the customer to the forefront with personalized, timely content. “Marketing Cloud played a key role in our last holiday sale where we realized a 200% increase in email revenue and a 100% increase in email conversions over the prior year,” said Mary Stevens, SVP of Global Marketing. “We are able to launch more effective campaigns using the extensive testing capabilities available in Marketing Cloud. We can see what works and what doesn’t, allowing us to use analytics to inform decisions and drive better business results.”

It all boils down to connections. Salesforce is connecting Herman Miller’s sales team to each other, to their marketing programs, to the way they service customers, to their dealers, retailers, and end users. Chatter has been instrumental in helping Herman Miller make these connections.

“When I watch the Chatter feed, I’m seeing sales reps connect in real time. Chatter empowers our reps with more knowledge about the customer, and the industry. And they’ve found new ways to service their customers,” said Walker, who uses Chatter to get a synopsis on top accounts.


Salesforce played a key role in our last holiday sale, where we realized a 200% increase in email revenue over the prior year.”


Making connections, made simple.

For Herman Miller, it wasn’t enough to have a repository of information, or even the ability to share that information. The technology had to help Herman Miller better serve customers. It had to be seamless. And it had to be easy to use, from anywhere.

“The Salesforce mobile app enables our team to easily track account activity and share information on the fly,” said John Amrhein, VP of Sales Operations and Strategy. “It makes updating, learning, sharing, and collaborating happen in real time, right from my phone. And it’s so easy to use. It’s a huge benefit for us.”


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