The Journey Builder Base Accelerator was exactly what we wanted and needed. For us, it was painless.”

Dave Walters, Email Marketing Manager, iolo technologies

A worldwide leader in the system utility software market, iolo technologies counts its strong customer relationships as critical to its success. As such, iolo marketing executives are constantly looking for the best ways to guide each customer to the right resources for their products. When it comes to delivering ongoing messaging about promotional offers, new features, upgrades, and critical alerts, they have found targeted email campaigns most affective.

To help manage its large index of online communications, iolo implemented Salesforce Marketing Cloud in 2012. In 2015 the company added Journey Builder to increase automation, enable greater strategies, and, as Email Marketing Manager Dave Walters said, “get off the email treadmill.” But after the initial Journey Builder implementation was completed, the iolo team wanted to master all the steps of building and modifying their customer journeys. To do this, they sought the help of a Salesforce Customer Success Manager.

Access to a Success Manager (SM) is just one of the many benefits of having a Marketing Cloud Premier Success Plan in place. SMs are dedicated Salesforce experts trained to identify their customers’ needs and connect them to the right resources and expertise.

After assessing iolo’s situation, the SM recommended the Journey Builder Base Accelerator. Accelerators are focused services that help customers implement the best solutions for a specific business challenge. For iolo, that meant working with a specialist who had deep technical knowledge in leveraging Journey Builder to drive automated campaigns.

First, a Salesforce specialist met with the iolo marketing team to analyze their email methods and customer data. From there, the specialist configured a new customer journey, provided an instructional template for the team, and even conducted a one-hour enablement session to walk through everything, share best practices, and answer outstanding questions. The best part: It was all accomplished in just under one week.

“The Accelerator gave us the level of insight and transparency we needed to truly understand the tool,” Walters said. “It enabled us to grasp the principle of the journey, how it works, and how to apply those learnings to our unique business needs. We walked with exactly what we needed.”

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