Kellogg’s first mission for Audience Studio: Boost the efficiency and effectiveness of its marketing efforts by eliminating wasted impressions in both video and digital display ads.


Audience Studio Helps the Kellogg Company Reduce Wasted Spend and Drive New Value

With almost $15 billion in annual revenue, the Kellogg Company is the world’s leading cereal company; second largest producer of cookies, crackers, and savory snacks; and a leading North American frozen foods company.

Kellogg has been recognized for its marketing strengths and innovation, including a ninth ranking among CPG brands on Forbes’ list of the World’s Most Valuable Brands.

To support its portfolio of products, the Kellogg Company spends more than $1 billion in advertising annually, with digital advertising taking an ever-growing portion. The company allocates about 30% of its advertising budget to digital, and over 50% of that space is purchased programmatically through DSPs (demand-side platforms) and private marketplaces.

Kellogg’s Global Vice President of Media and Digital Strategy believes managed consumer data is the key to Kellogg’s digital advertising strategy. Central to the company’s data-driven marketing strategy is Audience Studio, which the Kellogg Company characterizes as its decision engine across all marketing channels.

Using cloud-based and machine learning technology, Audience Studio unifies people data across multiple screens and sources into a single view of the individual. The platform analyzes people’s signals — behavior, actions, engagement — to help deliver 1-to-1 experiences across every channel — desktop, mobile, social, and set-top TVs — in real time.

The Challenge

Kellogg’s first mission for Audience Studio: Boost the efficiency and effectiveness of its marketing efforts by eliminating wasted impressions in both video and digital display ads.

Additionally, the Kellogg team aimed to deliver an entirely new level of personalization — and that meant gaining deeper insights on consumers beyond the standard demographics.

The Solution

To reduce spend waste and optimize campaign performance, the Kellogg team tapped into Audience Studio’s Cross-Channel Frequency Management, a solution that enables marketers to control the delivery of customer touches before a campaign becomes annoying or otherwise ineffective. Effectively, Audience Studio gives Kellogg the power to manage and allocate ad frequency to individual consumers, resulting in 1-to-1 personalization at the right moment and the right number of times.  

For high value consumer targets, Audience Studio enables Kellogg to prioritize audiences that are under-served impressions, ensuring these people receive an optimal level of messaging and digital brand exposure.  In addition, Audience Studio enables the capping of advertising impressions, saving money on wasted ad delivery, while improving the consumer experience.

Audience Studio executes Cross-Channel Frequency Management across multiple channels — DSPs, private exchanges, and direct publisher buys — and platforms, including web display, video, and mobile. In other words, no matter where the individual is served an ad, it will be counted toward the “cap,” or the maximum number of ads the marketer has determined.

The Results

The Kellogg Company defined media waste as “the serving of more than 15 impressions a month to an individual user over the course of a campaign.” With the savings accrued from the impressions not served, Kellogg’s reallocated advertising to the short tail (one to three impressions per user), resulting in amplified brand awareness and sales — without spending any additional money.

To date, Audience Studio has helped Kellogg’s team save $20.5 million in wasted video and display advertising spend, for an ROI of more than 25x.

Today, in addition to the continued savings from Audience Studio Cross-Channel Frequency Management, the Kellogg Company employs several other Audience Studio solutions, including Audience Discovery, Customer Journeys, and Link — a marketplace which enables the sharing of data across marketers and publishers.

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