Labelux is a Trailblazer

Discover how Labelux manages ecommerce across several luxury brands.


Labelux delivers cohesive, innovative ecommerce across the globe with Commerce Cloud.

Rooted in leather goods and accessories, Labelux is a leader in luxury lifestyle brands with a global portfolio that includes Belstaff, Jimmy Choo, and Zagliani — all of which run on Commerce Cloud. Labelux empowers its brands to focus on the big picture by providing them with a stable business and technology foundation across all sites and regions.

Replatforming has led to bigger and better sales across the globe.

By replatforming nine sites and its global ecommerce offerings to Commerce Cloud, Labelux was able to deliver processes, technology, and best practices unified across multiple brands.

“[Commerce Cloud] has enabled us to establish a strong foundation for international growth, in some cases from nothing, in a relatively short time,” said Harriet Williams, Group Multichannel Director at Labelux.


It’s very easy to add new features with the platform that enhance the customer experience.”

Harriet Williams | Group Multichannel Director at Labelux

Smarter features give customers and salespeople greater flexibility.

To drive continued growth across all channels, Labelux wanted to build a library of ecommerce features that complemented more than 180 global stores. “Our stores will always be important, but consumer behavior has changed, and the digital component is now vital to the customer experience,” said Williams.

To support this new model, Labelux needed a centralized team and single ecommerce solution that would ensure alignment, manageability, and a fast go-to-market strategy.


Labelux blazes new trails across multiple luxury brands.

“We wanted a platform that could accelerate the evolution of our ecommerce capabilities,” said Williams. “[Commerce Cloud] offered all the functionality and flexibility we needed to establish a strong online business for each of our brands, while also ensuring that each brand website is unique.”

Labelux took the first step toward its new ecommerce vision when the company launched four Belstaff websites concurrently, after just four months of development. The launch of the sites, which span the U.K., the U.S., Germany, and the rest of Europe, was timed to coincide with the opening of new flagship stores in Milan and New York, as well as the debut of a new advertising campaign.

The launch of three new Jimmy Choo sites followed, and two months later, the U.K. and Italian sites for Zagliani went live. “We were able to reuse the foundations we’d already created for the other brands, which significantly reduced the implementation timeline,” said Williams.

Collectively, Labelux’s sites ship to 179 countries globally and are equipped to handle transactions in a variety of global currencies, including U.S. dollars, British pounds, and euros.

Synchronize ecommerce operations with Commerce Cloud.

Commerce Cloud optimizes customer experiences for mobile, and beyond.

All of Labelux’s Commerce Cloud sites are mobile-optimized, which is critical since mobile represents over a third of total online visits. “It’s very easy to add new features with the platform that enhance the customer experience,” said Williams. “For example, on the Jimmy Choo site we’ve simplified navigation and the checkout process, and added in a wish list feature and dynamic product recommendations.”

Using Commerce Cloud, Labelux has also been able to create microsites to host private sales and content that reaffirms the brands’ luxury status. For example, the Jimmy Choo site includes an editorial section called Choo World, which showcases the latest collections, celebrity wish lists, videos, and behind-the-scenes content about the brand’s designer.

“[Commerce Cloud] has already helped us improve efficiency and eliminate different legacy systems — we have also seen conversion rates improve,” said Williams. “Now [that] we have a solid ecommerce foundation, we can focus on maturing our offering with personalization and multichannel capabilities to further enhance the customer experience and support our plans for future, long-term growth.”


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