We saw a 50 percent increase in performance after getting proactive support from our Mission Critical Support team.”

Jeff Cordell, Chief Information Officer, LanguageLine

LanguageLine stays up and running with Salesforce Mission Critical Support

LanguageLine is no ordinary Salesforce customer. Its real-time interpreter services operate 24 hours, 365 days a year, and keeping the platform online can literally be a matter of life or death.

“We serve more than 25,000 customers, including law enforcement officials, 911 operators, and emergency room staff. They all depend on us, and if we’re offline, lives are at risk,” remarked Jeff Cordell, Chief Information Officer at LanguageLine.

In recent years, LanguageLine started moving its operations into the cloud, using Salesforce technology to route audio and video calls to the right interpreters anywhere in the world.

The right support for the right platform

LanguageLine relies on the Customer 360 Platform for its proprietary geo-redundant, highly available transaction processing and Salesforce’s highest level of service and support.

The initial plan offered to LanguageLine provided escalated phone support, but most agents weren’t familiar with the specific, unique ways LanguageLine used Salesforce. Whenever they needed to bring a new agent up to speed, it cost time they didn’t have.

Also, while the plan guaranteed 1-hour response times, LanguageLine felt the nature of their business required something faster. So, they decided to upgrade to Mission Critical Support (MCS).

MCS gives Salesforce customers access to a highly agile team that knows their specific business, and is available 24/7. With Mission Critical Support, Severity 1 issues get a guaranteed response within 15 minutes, with personalized updates every 30 minutes. It’s ideal for customers whose uptime is essential and can’t be compromised.

“We promise 99.99% uptime to our customers, which equates to less than one hour of downtime in a year,” Cordell added. “We have to work very closely with Salesforce to ensure we beat that uptime guarantee and offer as close to 100% uptime as possible.”

The tools and services for success

At one point, LanguageLine was seeing high latency in its platform. They needed to fix it. Their Salesforce primary engineer — part of MCS — decided to move their operations to a new Salesforce instance that offered better performance, and accomplished the migration with no downtime.

“Before, processing a call on our system could take as long as six seconds. Now it’s performing well under 100 milliseconds. That was a massive difference for our customers when seconds count,” noted Cordell.

Creating peace of mind

MCS has helped LanguageLine reduce risks while maximizing their Salesforce platform performance. As LanguageLine develops new unified communications contact solutions, Salesforce continues to be a partner in the process, making sure they have the support and platform they need to succeed.

“I see our Salesforce designated support team as advocates for our success. They look out for us and make sure everyone understands our platform and industry-specific needs, and that’s invaluable for our business,” added Cordell.


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