We have never had a massive marketing budget. Using Salesforce, we don’t need one. We’re reaching more people, more effectively.”


Les Mills, the global fitness empire behind a range of popular group fitness workouts including BODYATTACKTM, BODYPUMPTM, and RPMTM – now has a presence in 16,000 health clubs in 80 countries, with 100,000 certified Les Mills fitness instructors around the world. Les Mills has an aggressive global growth plan in place. The company hopes to reach 25,000 clubs –each club running five Les Mills’ programs – by 2020. It’s their 25/5/20 goal; and technology is key to helping reach it. Salesforce has transformed the way that Les Mills connects with its vast network of clubs, instructors and end customers. “Our previous systems were bespoke. They didn’t work on every device; and they lacked mobility and portability,” said Aaron O’Brien, CIO, Les Mills International. “We wanted a technology solution that would provide the same experience across all countries – and that could scale up, fast.” Les Mills first moved to Salesforce Sales Cloud from a home grown CRM solution, and communication based on phone calls with instructors. “The default behaviour whenever an instructor had a query was to pick up the phone. Our call centres simply couldn’t scale,” said O’Brien. Sales Cloud was implemented to help clubs recruit instructors, and to provide a new level of self-service access to data, and resources to instructors around the world. Through Sales Cloud, every instructor’s end-to-end journey with Les Mills is managed in a user-friendly portal. From the day they register to helping them build their career – with local jobs, training, merchandise, and ongoing support all easily accessible online.


For the first time, we have an unprecedented ability to talk to millions and millions of people.”


At the other end of the Sales Cloud experience, the Les Mills trainers – that is, the people who teach the instructors the programs – have easy access to upcoming event information and easily manage their travel and accommodation details via their mobile devices. The reporting capability of Sales Cloud was a key selling point, according to O’Brien. “We are reaping the benefits of a massive amount of reporting generated from Salesforce,” said O’Brien. O’Brien adds that dashboard reporting is being used by Les Mills offices to streamline and improve the way we interact with both instructors and clubs, “this real-time reporting is delivering great benefits across the board. Put simply, it’s fueling growth!” In the past, Les Mills’ marketing team focused on reaching out to the health clubs and instructors that deliver their products. Now, they are connecting with the millions of people who actually attend the classes. Engaging with its community pays off for both Les Mills and the gyms themselves. Les Mills started using Social Studio from the Salesforce Marketing Cloud to monitor and coordinate online conversations and discover how people were talking about Les Mills events. “The first thing we discovered was that there are a lot more conversations going on about our company than we realised. The second thing we discovered was massive amounts of content being published in an ad-hoc manner. We are now much more structured and successful in the way we are leveraging social,” said Sarah Johnston, Global Social Media Manager. Phillip Mills, Chief Executive Officer, also recognizes the value of improved social media activity, “For example, one of our unique selling points is our music. We invest a huge amount in licensing original music from popular artists – and social media is a natural place to have conversations about music and the wider Les Mills experience.” Through these social listening and social marketing tools, the Les Mills social strategy has gone from strength to strength. The company’s main Facebook page had 18,000 fans about four years ago; and has 825,000 today. “We have never had a massive marketing budget – you don’t see Les Mills on New York billboards. Using Social Studio, we don’t need a big budget. We’re reaching more people, more effectively,” said Mills.

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