We’ve matured our digital marketing from batch-and-blast to more targeted journeys thanks to the help of the Marketing Cloud Services team — they guided us in unlocking the power of Marketing Cloud.”

Leticia Juristo, Digital Intelligence Marketing Manager

Mahou Moves Beer Lovers to the Bars Through Multichannel Marketing

The challenge of a beverage brand is to be top of mind when consumers feel thirsty, which means knowing how to reach people at just the right place and time. Mahou San Miguel, Spain’s leading beer and beverage company, achieves this by building consumer relationships that span the digital and physical worlds, from online communities and email to the bars where people relax with a Mahou, San Miguel or Alhambra cerveza.

This hasn’t always been possible for the brewer. “Before, we didn’t have any control over how we communicated with our consumers, and we didn’t have relationships with them when they were in the bars,” said Leticia Juristo, digital intelligence marketing manager for Mahou San Miguel. The company’s sole tool was email marketing software they used to send out blasts to unsegmented groups of customers.


We had to have the tool up and running as soon as possible. The Marketing Cloud Services team understood our needs and roadmap, and they helped us build sophisticated targeting based on interests, timeframes and levels of the customer journey.”

Leticia Juristo, Digital Intelligence Marketing Manager

Mahou is developing a richer picture of its customers.

The company’s marketing leaders adopted Marketing Cloud with the intention of engaging with consumers along their journeys and develop a richer picture of the brand’s customers. With the help of the team from Marketing Cloud Services, the Mahou marketing team built a plan for achieving more advanced targeting across multiple marketing channels, including setting up Audience Builder to reach specific customer personas and personalize communication to them.

“The team challenged us,” Juristo said. “We had to have the tool up and running as soon as possible. The Marketing Cloud Services team understood our needs and roadmap, and they helped us build sophisticated targeting based on interests, timeframes and levels of the customer journey.”

Mahou launches promotions that fill barstools.

With the help of Marketing Cloud, Mahou now can send multiple emails focused on different interests and themes — food or football, for example. How recipients engage with those emails helps Mahou’s marketers home in on their interests and send them communications that focus on their areas of interest. Complementary messages extend across social media, mobile and email, as well as in bars and restaurants.

“Where before we sent one email to everyone, now we can send five different emails to different segments in one minute,” Juristo said.

Brand loyalists can sign up for an online Mahou community, run on Community Cloud, where they can collect rewards and further interact with the brand. While those consumers are in bars where Mahou’s beers are served, they see promotions encouraging them to check in to earn a free tapa, win a prize or build points. Each time they react to an in-person promotion, Mahou can use that opportunity to collect more customer information — address, preferred beers, or lifestyle information, for example.

These multichannel promotions have helped Mahou strengthen its relationships with bar and restaurant customers. “We are the stars for the commercial team!” said Juristo, referring to the Mahou sales team that works with B2B customers. “In low-peak hours when bars traditionally had no people, we have been able to move traffic, so you might have 80 people in the bar all because of our promotion.”

Mahou depends on its trusted relationship with Marketing Cloud Services.

Marketing Cloud has changed everything about how Mahou’s brand teams think about marketing, according to Juristo. “Before Marketing Cloud, the brands didn’t know about microsegmentation,” she said. “Now the brands know these possibilities, and it influences how they think about every campaign idea, knowing they have the intelligence and capability to customize their outreach.”

The Marketing Cloud Services team manages campaign operations for Mahou’s teams, creating the journey, setting up audiences, and creating and managing digital communications. More importantly, Juristo knows she can count on the Services team to keep her apprised of new features and solutions that can help her become even more sophisticated in her marketing.

“This team is my team!” she said. “The difference is in the innovation. The Marketing Cloud Services team is close to the business, so they always knows what’s happening and can connect us with people at Salesforce who can help us manage any problems we have. They have experience, and we have a trusted relationship. That’s the principal reason for working with this team.”


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