Sending out a time-sensitive email campaign no longer takes hours, but instead just minutes. We’re more agile than before and can respond to customers on the fly.”

Megan Smith, Senior CRM Campaign Manager, Manheim

Manheim boosts Salesforce adoption and productivity with Accelerators.

According to Megan Smith, Senior CRM Campaign Manager at Manheim, the company’s challenges were exemplified by one particular incident. “I remember trying to prepare an email campaign informing our affected customers of a server outage,” she recalled. “It took us hours to complete. By the time we finished, the outage was already fixed.” Incidents like these showed Manheim it wasn’t using its Salesforce tools to their fullest—which meant thousands of salespeople and marketing staff worldwide were less effective than they could be. “We knew the Salesforce platform had a lot of powerful features that could do what we wanted, but we didn’t know where to start,” Smith noted. “We were trying to do a lot of complicated things and needed guidance.”

Gaining key knowledge

To fill these knowledge gaps, Manheim’s Salesforce Success Manager recommended Accelerators, which are part of the Premier+ Success Plan. Essentially, Accelerators are goal-oriented engagements designed to teach companies like Manheim how to best use their Salesforce Platform.

“We worked with our Success Manager to identify the big metrics we wanted to move. Then she helped us discover potential solutions and the Accelerators that could help us do that,” said Smith.

Manheim also gained access to an Accelerator Success Specialist, a Salesforce expert on the Marketing Cloud and Sales Cloud platforms who provided guidance and implementation support.

Accelerating productivity

Manheim’s first goal was to maximize its Marketing Cloud productivity. Their Accelerator Specialist recommended a Marketing Cloud Connector Accelerator.

The Accelerator taught Manheim how to link data extensions across its Salesforce Clouds and provided templates that demonstrated best practices in data management.

After completing this first Accelerator, Manheim decided to pursue the Journey Builder and Email Segmentation Accelerator in order to improve agility and save time when preparing marketing and sales campaigns.

Manheim learned how to automate certain campaign creation steps and maintain email targeting best practices.

The Accelerator Specialist also built templates that could be used for nationwide and local campaigns alike.

“As we learned from each Accelerator, our confidence started to grow,” said Smith. “Each Accelerator built upon one another and the methods we learned have saved us countless hours in otherwise tedious processes.”

Minimizing time and maximizing value

Ultimately, Cloud Accelerators brought newfound productivity and agility to Manheim’s email campaign operations.

“Sending out a time-sensitive email campaign no longer takes hours, but instead just minutes. We’re more agile and productive than we were before and can respond to customers on-the-fly,” remarked Smith.

Manheim plans to continue developing its Salesforce Customer 360 platform, and its Success Manager and Accelerator Specialist are standing by, ready to help.

“Our Success Manager and Accelerator Specialist really cared about our short-term needs, long-term plans and vision for platform success,” Smith added. “They’ve given us an impressive understanding of our platform, along with templates to use in our future endeavors.”


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