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Marriott delivers memorable customer experiences at scale.

730,000 people who wear the Marriott badge
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people who wear the Marriott Badge use Service Cloud to personalize the guest experience


Marriott takes care of customers with innovation in the hands of every agent.

From their humble beginnings as root beer stand owners in 1927, founder J. Willard Marriott and his wife Alice have firmly believed that if Marriott took care of the associate, the associate would take care of the guest, and the guest would come back again and again. 

Yet, the rapid pace of technological innovation and changing customer expectations has challenged Marriott to reimagine what a high-touch guest experience looks like today. Amid the Fourth Industrial Revolution, where intelligence and personalization dominate customer interactions, Marriott faced outdated and disconnected systems, causing inconsistent customer experiences.

Marriott International’s Global Chief Commercial Officer Stephanie Linnartz recognized how far guest expectations have risen from the days she worked the switchboard as a young professional at her family’s hotel. “Guests share a lot of information with us and they expect us to use it to create highly personalized experiences,” she said. “Salesforce has enabled us to deliver against that promise in a very deep and rich way.”

Marriott is a Trailblazer in the business of world travel.

Since 1927, Marriott has grown to over 7,000 properties and 30 brands — now a world leader in hospitality — but has maintained its core value of supporting and developing the associate. Today that means empowering and inspiring every Marriott associate to make guests feel at home with personalized service. It’s made Marriott International one of the top-rated places to work and the world’s favorite travel company.

According to Brian King, Chief Digital & Revenue Officer, “Travel is about the humanity of the world. People travel to see their families, to celebrate moments that are once in a lifetime. We want to be part of that, and we want to make those experiences as frictionless and as seamless as possible.”

With 730,000 people wearing the Marriott badge and serving 83 million customers annually in 130 countries and territories, Marriott’s challenge is to not sacrifice the guest experience due to scale.


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Service Cloud empowers associates to deliver personalized customer service to guests.

To realize Marriott’s mission, King believes in “hiring amazing, talented associates who serve from their heart and then backing those associates up with best-in-breed technology.”

Service Cloud gives associates an easy-to-use, unified view of every guest interaction across Marriott, along with prebuilt performance dashboards and apps with AI-powered insights.

With all of Marriott’s hotels networked on Salesforce, guests’ volunteered preferences for bed types, high or low floors, and even wine preferences are saved and ready for their next stay at any of Marriott’s nearly 7,000 properties worldwide. “Our associates make sure those requests are met, and the guest never has to ask,” said King. “That’s true hospitality.”


Partnering with Salesforce, we’re building a platform that enables us to go fast, but do it in a way that’s elegant and still warm and human at the same time.”

Brian King, Chief Digital & Revenue Officer

Every associate, at any level, can respond directly to customer needs.

Teresa Phoenix is an associate who fills a number of roles at Marriott: trainer, backup staffer, and reservation agent.

When taking reservations, Phoenix noted, “Service Cloud is helping me enhance and personalize our guest experience. Oftentimes a guest calls in and you can hear that they’re a little frustrated.” Service Cloud’s 360-degree view of each guest eases the interaction. “I start talking to my guest and they begin to relax a little bit. And so in the end they say, ‘Wow, thank you so much. I really appreciate that customer service you gave me.’ I’m smiling and I know that they’re smiling, too. It’s a win-win on both ends.”


One platform brings everyone together to deliver an exceptional experience for the customer.

When guests do make special requests, technology can satisfy those requests in ways never before possible. King tells how Marriott’s recent deployment of Apple Business Chat on the Salesforce Platform enables Marriott associates to engage customer requests in real time, through the guests’ mobile devices. “Text is fine,” he said, “but we want a real, rich consumer experience with videos, photos, and the ability to pay. Apple Business Chat certainly does that.”

According to Linnartz, “That fact that we have one system rolled out globally is enabling us to innovate and execute in a way that we never could have done before. Guests’ expectations have changed; they really want a highly personalized experience, and mobile is really a key enabler of deepening that relationship.”

Salesforce Einstein helps Marriott associates get answers to guests faster, making happier guests.

As customer expectations continue to rise, Marriott is using Salesforce to meet those expectations, resolving top customer issues automatically with Einstein Bots. “Einstein being completely embedded into the Salesforce Platform is an enormous value to us,” said King. “Our associates believe and see, as do I, that Einstein is going to make their job better and help them problem-solve more quickly.”

Marriott, said King, “is a really, really big operation, but we serve every guest one customer interaction at a time. Partnering with Salesforce, we’re building a platform that enables us to go fast, but do it in a way that’s elegant and still warm and human at the same time.”


The Marriott and Salesforce partnership is driven by shared values of inclusiveness, diversity, and career growth.

“Hospitality is powered by people,” King said, “and our people are powered by Salesforce.” Many of Marriott’s associates interact with Salesforce systems, making Salesforce training a natural avenue for career development. “What makes our partnership so important,” he said, “is that, as technology changes, we have a shared value of bringing people along and not leaving them behind.”

“Marriott has always been a highly innovative company,” Linnartz said. “The partnership with Salesforce is an example of how we can innovate for our guest, for our associates.” New technology, she added, “will free up our hotel teams to do more value-added things for our guests, giving them more time to go deeper and richer on the guest experience. As high-tech as we become, we’ll still always be high-touch.”


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