Salesforce has truly transformed the way we interact with our customers.”

ERIC CHANIOT, Chief Digital Officer
Salesforce customer since 2016




Michelin is collaborating with customers to drive superior service now and down the road.

A lot is said about the disruption that the digital revolution has caused to the manufacturing industry. Oftentimes, we point out the inability of manufacturers to adapt their structures to new conditions, which require flexibility and agility. However, technology offers the industry leaders a huge opportunity to resolve one of their historic difficulties: the distance that separates them from their enormous and quickly changing customer base. With digital technology, there is an opportunity to strengthen close relationships with customers, who are more and more connected and have ever increasing service expectations.

With Salesforce, we are building a real ecosystem around our customers.”

Eric Chaniot, Chief Digital Officer

Michelin is a Trailblazer in customer and employee experience.

The Michelin Group has seized the opportunity by launching an ambitious, revolutionary global program called ENGAGE, which relies on new processes and the Salesforce Platform. It enables the various Michelin entities and their customers to collaborate in real time, using a single tool. By placing the customer at the center of the architecture, this program offers a user-friendly, integrated approach that encourages sharing.

"Keeping our lead in terms of product quality and performance is essential, but it isn't enough to guarantee success. So, what's our new focus? Offering an excellent customer experience," said Florent Menegaux, COO and Senior Executive Vice President.

Michelin revs up innovation and accelerates the order-delivery process with Salesforce.

Sales staff and retailers in the North American market have used ENGAGE since late 2016. Originally, the challenge confronting Michelin was making the whole organization more agile. To accomplish this, it developed an innovative new tool with Salesforce aimed at making all of Michelin's data — tire references, sales history, and more — accessible in real time. Along with this new platform, the tire manufacturer took another look at its processes. The combination of these two factors allowed Michelin to simplify communications between sales staff and customers. The platform now influences the way sales staff manage their leads, delivery times, and even product complaints.

Using a common portal, Michelin connects everyone to everything they need.

Michelin’s new platform will change the game in the U.S. by offering a unique entry point for orders, tire distribution by wholesalers, fleet managers, and more. "We are simplifying our processes and taking advantage of Salesforce to aggregate data and share a 360-degree view of the customer," said Sophie Foucque, Director of Michelin's B2B Digital Factory. In one sense, Michelin is seizing the opportunity afforded by digital tools to establish a personal relationship with each customer.

Salesforce helps Michelin win over customers and employees.

Soon, everyone will be able to connect to the same portal, built on Community Cloud, in a single, central location for finding the right Michelin tire. From after-sales service to the fleet manager to the sales team, everyone will be able to collaborate on the same platform and interact more efficiently. "It will make interacting with the customer easier and smoother. The Salesforce Platform will also enable us to create an improved and more intuitive interface," said Foucque.

Salesforce has made daily tasks a lot more fluid for Michelin's sales team. Thanks to this platform, they can access data from each point of sale, sales history, and order tracking. They can also consult this data while on the go, create and modify sales opportunities, view sales targets, and more on the Salesforce mobile app. Partner apps available on AppExchange let Michelin's digital team offer a steady flow of innovations to benefit sales representatives. For example, they can organize their sales appointments using MapAnything. All of these features make everyday activities more efficient and encourage all teams on the ground to adopt the tool.


Michelin account managers save hours of work each week with Salesforce.

Incredibly, Salesforce was rolled out in a very short time — less than six months. Today, less than a year since the launch of this solution in North America, 85% of sales staff have already adopted it. "The platform makes work much easier. It makes all of our tedious, time-consuming obligations with no real added value, like administrative tasks, go faster. That means more time with our customers," said Foucque. "For example, 70% of our sales staff use the mobile tool, which is another reason to be satisfied. They can connect more easily and access information more quickly. They don't have to use their PCs to connect anymore."

This means more time can be dedicated to assisting and advising customers on their search for mobility solutions. "Salesforce is transforming the way people work with and at Michelin," said Foucque. It's not just the North American market: In 2017, the solution was also rolled out in Europe, with other markets to follow in 2018.

Michelin builds on a tradition of innovation.

Innovation has been one of Michelin's core values ever since it was founded. "What counts more than this vision of digitization is our speed of innovation in this ultra-competitive market," said Eric Chaniot, Chief Digital Officer.

What's more, Salesforce opens up new perspectives on the marketing front. In the future, by gathering all of the data in one place, the platform will enable employees to better understand customers, their usages, and their needs, and it will make implementing targeted marketing activities easier.

In the future, thanks to connected tires and the artificial intelligence provided by Salesforce Einstein, ordering new tires may even happen automatically.


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