The capabilities that are being enabled by Salesforce are truly transformational.”

Tim Brown, President and CEO

Some products will only ever appeal to certain people. Some people will never buy a pair of figure skates, for example. Water is a little different. Everyone on the planet needs water, every day. Water isn’t ever going out of style.

Antonio Sciuto spent the past five years leading Nestlé into the digital age. Since joining the company in 2010, Sciuto has risen through the ranks to Global Head of eCommerce and now CMO and eBusiness Leader for Nestlé Waters North America, where he oversees several teams, including a newly create eBusiness unit that manage end to end online operations. While Nestlé Waters’ mission hasn’t changed during that time, the way Sciuto and his marketers pursue their mission has.

“The mission of Nestlé Waters is to provide a healthy hydration solution to our consumer,” he said. “And the way we do that is changing, because digital is changing everything we do.”

From conversations on Facebook and Twitter to digitally connected coolers in grocery stores, Sciuto and Nestlé Waters are reinventing consumer engagement in the digital age. Their goal is to personalize the Nestlé Waters experience for every consumer over his or her lifetime. And just as every consumer is different, there’s no one way to best reach all of them.

“They need to find what they are looking for, and this is not the same for everybody,” Sciuto explained. “For example, for Perrier, we have ‘Extraordinary Perrier.’ So we are trying to make their experience with the brand extraordinary.”

Sciuto’s eBuiness unit in fact support the development of extraordinary experiences for all 15 brands it oversees, including still and sparkling waters, San Pellegrino fruit beverages, and tea, each with its own consumer base. So, there are plenty of experiences to be crafted, both online and off. Marketing Cloud gives Sciuto tools to create both online and in-person experiences, listen to and measure reaction to them, and connect to people across email, social and other digital channels.

Take those digital coolers. As a consumer approaches one, say in a grocery store in Maine, the cooler captures her demographic data and uses the information to display customized content and a call to action on an embedded touchscreen. “That could be a coupon to be redeemed in a store, or journeys that she can experience online,” Sciuto explained.

With so many brands and products to offer, the goal is to help the consumer engage with the ones she likes. As Sciuto put it, “Our goal is to be relevant for the consumer. We want them to feel that this is exactly what they want.”

Marketing Cloud enables Sciuto’s teams to reach consumers on a personal level by building consumer journeys that adapt to how individuals engage with content. Journey Builder and Predictive Intelligence enable personalized experiences to scale up to the millions of consumers Nestlé Waters serves. The goal is to build relationships with our consumers to improve their lives driving healthy hydration. “This is not about marketing and sales. It's about holistically managing the relationship with our consumer across brands and functions,” Sciuto said.

Tim Brown, President and CEO of Nestlé Waters, expounded on the importance of those relationships. “We want loyalty. We want people to be with us for a very long time,” he said. Like Sciuto, Brown is looking beyond broadcasting messaging to something more meaningful. “We can have individual relationships with people — not just consumers,” he said.


This journey was not possible without Salesforce. Salesforce is much more than a business partner.”

Antonio Sciuto, CMO and eBusiness Leader

Evidence of Brown and Sciuto’s dedication to relationship building is taking shape in the form of a new consumer engagement center being built in New York City in partnership with Salesforce. By leveraging a host of tools, including Social Studio and Active Audiences, teams at the center will be able to analyze conversations and engage with people on social media faster, and — perhaps more importantly — with better content.

“It's all about having the right products at the right moment for our consumers,” said Courtney Stacks, Group Marketing Manager, Strategy & Business Development. “And the consumer engagement center will really enable us to get to the heart of that.” Out of real-time conversations, consumers will move into personalized experiences based on automated journeys, but customized according to online behavior using Journey Builder and predictive intelligence.

“Our vision is to connect all the touch-points, and move from building databases to cultivating communities,” Sciuto said. In other words, to have conversations with the people drinking Nestlé Waters’ products , and build relationships with them over time.

Consumer tastes come and go, but there’s no end in sight to people’s basic need to drink water – both bottled and tap. And lots of it. The folks at Nestlé Waters know this and have built a global business around helping people stay hydrated and make choices that support their healthy lifestyle. Now, Brown, Sciuto and their teams are embarking on a new journey to connect with those people and Marketing Cloud is helping to power that revolution.

“This journey was not possible without Salesforce. Salesforce is much more than a business partner,” Sciuto said. Indeed, this is a partnership built around better understanding how people relate to one of the most elemental things on our planet: water.


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