Speed is everything in the aftermarket. Chatter implementation in our 6 regions resulted in a 25% increase in efficiency of calls by our global sales teams.”

Scott Eiss, Director of Industrial Aftermarket Field Sales NTN Bearing

When an enterprise comprises multiple branches spanning the globe, efficient collaboration isn’t simply a desired benefit; it’s a make-or-break necessity. Such was the case at NTN Bearing.

Working across more than 60 nationwide and international manufacturing plants, NTN leaders recognized the critical need to get employees — specifically the sales teams — better aligned and better informed so they could keep up with ever-changing customer demands and company measures. The company already had the perfect technology in place: Chatter, a collaboration network built into Salesforce. The problem was getting employees to use it. The solution: the Chatter for Sales Managers Accelerator from Salesforce Success Services.

Accelerators offer Salesforce customers a faster path to results by providing expertise for endeavors such as implementation, onboarding, and analysis. Chatter connects employees to the discussions, information, and documents pertinent to their specific roles. Like all Salesforce technology, it’s highly customizable to complement the unique structure of any company. Given the business challenges at hand, this Accelerator was exactly what the NTN workforce needed.

Once Salesforce specialists attained an in-depth understanding of the NTN sales processes, they identified the technology and communication gaps having a direct impact on the company’s bottom line. Using this information, they helped the NTN team customize their Chatter features to enhance collaboration. In addition, the specialists developed a webinar that taught employees not just the nuts and bolts of Chatter, but also how to take advantage of the updated features and get information flowing across all departmental and geographical boundaries.

As a result of the Accelerator, NTN managers are embracing Chatter, using it to run meetings, assign actions, share files, and more. And as team members continue to update their profiles, they find themselves in groups containing only the most relevant content. The numbers speak for themselves, with a 25% increase in efficiency, a 25% increase in platform adoptions, and a 40% uptake in Chatter engagement. With these stats in mind, Chatter-specific key performance indicators (KPIs) are also being formulated to quantify the ongoing success.

Thanks to this comprehensive collaboration makeover, NTN sales teams now have the Salesforce tools they need to target prospects and retain customers like never before, which equates to more deals being inked and greater profits moving forward.

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