Numotion is a Trailblazer

Salesforce gives us a level of customer interaction that our industry isn’t used to.”

Bret Barczak, Chief Marketing Officer
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Numotion is improving the customer experience at a time when patients need it most.

As healthcare is becoming more people-focused and customer-centric, patients are demanding to be treated as a whole person and not just an electronic medical record. Numotion, a leading wheelchair and mobility equipment company, has been on the forefront of the move to customer-centricity, and it is transforming the industry with its willingness to embrace new technologies.

“Our industry has been historically slow to change,” said Bret Barczak, Chief Marketing Officer at Numotion. “There is tremendous technology, but at its foundation, CRT has been the same for a number of years — decades, really. So, we’re on the precipice of some pretty interesting innovation.”

We look at Salesforce as a technology platform that we can leverage to help us continue to connect with our customers”

Bret Barczak, Chief Marketing Officer at Numotion

Numotion is a Trailblazer in patient advocacy.

With technology in the complex rehab technology (CRT) space seemingly at a standstill, it takes a bold spirit to move things forward. Numotion, the nation’s leading provider of CRT, is improving the lives of people living with disabilities by enabling them to actively participate in everyday life with the use of cutting-edge mobility devices. Its products offer innovative features like alternative drive controls (the ability to control a motorized wheelchair with your chin, tongue, speech, breath, and even eyes), which gives the power of mobility and independence to those who have struggled with legacy technologies.

“We don’t consider ourselves to be a product provider,” said Barczak. “We consider ourselves a service provider, and we're here on behalf of people living with disabilities. So, our entire company's purpose is to help people maintain mobility and independence and be able to live an active and daily life to whatever extent they choose. Numotion is a pretty rare combination where you can work for an organization with a tremendous purpose to the community and also have it be a successful business operation.”

Community Cloud keeps customers informed at every step of the process.

The team at Numotion understands that the process of ordering a wheelchair can be stressful for people whose mobility depends on the speedy delivery of a rehab device. So it was a top priority to reconfigure the order process to shorten the cycle, make it clearer, and empower customers to advocate for themselves when an order gets caught in a holding pattern. Using Salesforce Community Cloud, the company created an app, myNumotion, that presents a complicated 42-step ordering process into a seamless five-step process of where each order stands.

“We thought if you can track your pizza delivery, then you should be able to do that for wheelchairs, too,” Barczak said. “We simplified this process and represented each step with chevrons telling the patient where the order stands. On top of that, we communicate through email or text alerts as the order progresses. Salesforce gives us a level of customer interaction that our industry isn’t used to.”

Service Cloud opens lines of communication.

Every step of the Numotion ordering process is designed to inform and empower its customers, giving patients a level of agency uncommon to the healthcare industry. With 24/7 access to their order status, customers are notified of any delays, with the ability to see the exact cause of the issue and if they need to take any action. If the customer still needs assistance, Salesforce Service Cloud provides the ability to live chat with a representative who will automatically have the customer’s order information and any other relevant details to assist the Numotion customer.

“We're getting great customer feedback on the myNumotion app,” said Barczak. “They love the 24/7 accessibility. They love that they can see the status of their order. They love the live chat. We built this for the order tracking, but our CIO bet that the live chat would be a big hit as well, and he was right.”

Numotion will continue to grow with the help of Salesforce.

Being the nation’s leader isn’t enough for Numotion. Growing in size and scope, the company continually looks for more ways to service the disabled community and is looking to Salesforce to help meet that need.

“We look at Salesforce as a technology platform that we can leverage to help us continue to connect with our customers,” said Barczak. “We want to drive the overall customer experience, help to improve the interaction with Numotion, and make them aware of all the products and services. We're growing and expanding our own business strategy, so being able to leverage a platform like Salesforce to help communicate an expanded value proposition is important to us.”

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