With Salesforce, I have visibility into all of our service deliveries at my fingertips.”


OneUnited Bank gives customers a helping hand with Salesforce.

With the recession over, and the recovery underway, many people are now working to pay down debt, rebuild credit, and refill depleted savings accounts. To help these customers, OneUnited Bank introduced the UNITY Visa secured credit card. OneUnited Bank, which provides banking services for urban and low-income communities, uses Salesforce to power a fast and easy application process so cardholders can start rebuilding their credit in minutes. The OneUnited UNITY Visa card accounts are secured by cash deposits. When OneUnited Bank launched the card, it needed an easy way to integrate the application process with its back-office systems for credit checks and customer approvals. Based on prior integration success with Salesforce, the bank decided to build the end-to-end customer-facing app on the Salesforce Platform.

Salesforce is helping us extend 'how to rebuild credit' programs to underserved financial customers.”


OneUnited Bank and Salesforce aid underserved financial customers.

OneUnited Bank initially chose Salesforce to maintain customer information; this way, branch employees could access detailed client histories and account summaries, providing faster, more personalized service. And it’s been a resounding success. Now, employees can easily track branch activities and performance using Salesforce reporting and analytics. “Salesforce is helping us extend ‘how to rebuild credit’ programs to underserved financial customers,” says Teri Williams, president and COO. James Slocum, CIO, SVP, says, “Salesforce has proven highly valuable to the UNITY Visa initiative. We’ve been continuing to refine our UNITY Visa program to maximize our opportunities for growth and using Salesforce to round out business processes around the program.” One recent effort to refine the UNITY Visa program stemmed from an analysis of Salesforce data that pointed to a need for an optimized mobile user interface for the card application. Just one week after rolling out the new user interface, OneUnited Bank saw a conversion rate improvement of 89% for mobile users. With the Salesforce mobile app, OneUnited Bank management can access real-time reports and dashboards from anywhere. The customized app shows the number of applications for financial products and their potential account value, as well as benchmarks against previous months. Managers can also identify issues on the spot to provide better service to customers more effectively, and grow business.

Hitting new strides with the Salesforce mobile app.

Over the past year, OneUnited Bank has expanded its focus to its branch locations. Again, Salesforce was a key partner. Slocum explains, “We rolled out Salesforce to our branches and they’re now interacting with customers on the floor, using iPads to do demos and enroll customers in financial literacy workshops.” Slocum continues, “In addition to seeing statistics on who our customers are, we’re working to incorporate the picture of how we are interacting with our customers both in the branch and online with Salesforce.” Building on its past successes with Salesforce, OneUnited Bank has developed a full calendar of new initiatives for 2015, including plans for building apps on the Salesforce Platform to track all existing and new projects. “We are really starting to hit our stride with Salesforce,” says Slocum. OneUnited Bank’s success with Salesforce is resulting in a true impact on customers’ financial outlooks. According to Williams, “With Salesforce and the UNITY Visa, we’re changing the lives of our customers.”

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