OVS is a Trailblazer

See how OVS delivers innovative, omni-channel experiences both in and out of the store.


Italy’s OVS embraces the omni-channel customer with Salesforce B2C Commerce.

Italy’s leading fashion retailer OVS wows customers with integrated online and offline shopping, glossy mobile apps, and innovative in-store experiences. The company is committed to putting its customers at the center of all its retail activities, both online and and in the store.

This philosophy, which permeates every corner of the company, is now so ingrained in the OVS culture that the company has coined its own term: the “omni-customer.”

The brand’s goal is to use technology to reach and enable customers wherever and whenever they shop, and to thrill in-store shoppers with eye-popping retail innovations. With Commerce Cloud at the center of its omni-channel strategy, OVS achieved its goal and created a multi-touch experience for customers.

Omni-channel shopping is shopping without boundaries.

“We want to make shopping easy, cutting edge, and amazing,” said Monica Gagliardi, OVS Ecommerce, CRM, Web, and Digital Marketing Manager. “And that means creating an experience without boundaries.”

For example, the OVS ecommerce site integrates shoppable and customized content, virtual store tours, and virtual fitting room capabilities. The glossy OVS mobile app lets shoppers scan barcodes to find items at other locations, and leverages beacon technology to send push notifications to shoppers on the go.

Commerce Cloud powers next-level in-store experiences.

OVS’s in-store technology is equally advanced. Its flagship store in Milan has kiosks with an interactive display. Customers can scan products, make purchases, and read reviews at these kiosks. Shoppers have browsed tens of thousands of product pages at them, spending an average of more than two minutes per session.

The flagship store also offers “magic” fitting rooms, where customers use large touchscreen mirror/displays to snap selfies of their outfit from different angles. Using barcode readers, shoppers can also message a store associate’s iPad, requesting a different size or color — all without stepping out of the fitting room.

“These innovative digital shopping experiences allow us to improve and add value to our customer relationships,” said Gagliardi. OVS hopes to roll out the technology to more of its stores.


We want to make shopping easy, cutting edge, and amazing, and that means creating an experience without boundaries.”

Monica Gagliardi | Ecommerce, CRM, Web, and Digital Marketing Manager at OVS

Trailblazer OVS experiences more traffic — and more conversions.

OVS has been blazing trails with Commerce Cloud since May 2013. The retailer implemented “click-and-collect” (online ordering with in-store pickup) in 500 locations, right out of the gate. As a result, 40% of customers who buy online and pick up in store spend more when they visit.

OVS has also experienced an 81% increase in site traffic, and a 44% uptick in conversion. Its mobile app has been downloaded more than 125,000 times.

“We decided to work with [Commerce Cloud] because it’s a flexible platform for ecommerce but also because we had common goals for omni-channel,” said Gagliardi.


Flexible retail management revolutionizes sales.

With Commerce Cloud, OVS is able to manage inventory across channels, leveraging real-time data to ensure the most satisfactory experience.

Digital interfaces enable OVS sales associates to help shoppers view inventory beyond what’s in stock, delivering real value to customers and driving revenue across channels.

The omni-customer focus is a top-down effort at the company, with cloud-based enterprise commerce technologies driving OVS’s renaissance as an omni-channel retail leader.

Power omni-channel customer experiences with Commerce Cloud.

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