Katie is a 19-year-old girl who follows the hottest fashion brands. When she sees a summer dress that she just has to have, her next move is to find out where to buy it, what it looks like on someone her size, and how other fashionable people prefer to style it.

A social media platform like Instagram is perfect for Katie’s research, and that’s exactly where PacSun engages her. Specializing in fashion for young people in the 17 to 24 age group, PacSun realizes that social media can offer its customers a truly comprehensive shopping experience. Social media is a way for shoppers like Katie to engage with brands, check out other shoppers’ reviews, and click through to an online website to make a purchase. Plus, she can even use her Facebook credentials to log in to PacSun’s site, making her entire shopping journey seamless.

This end-to-end shopping experience keeps PacSun on the cutting edge of commerce.

PacSun’s socially integrated shopping experience is underpinned by Commerce Cloud’s ecommerce platform, Salesforce B2C Commerce.

Coleen McNally, Vice President of IT at PacSun, said, “Using [Commerce Cloud] to enable social integration has helped us improve brand awareness and affinity, resulting in more store footfalls and higher website traffic.”

PacSun’s website is not integrated just with Facebook, but also Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Tumblr via which it connects with thousands of brand enthusiasts and collects millions of “likes.”

“With [Commerce Cloud], we can track reviews and ratings across all the major social media platforms and change our website content based on what’s trending,” adds McNally.


With [Commerce Cloud], we can track reviews and ratings across all the major social media platforms and change our website content based on what’s trending.”

Coleen McNally | VP of IT at PacSun

Before moving to Commerce Cloud in September 2012, PacSun didn’t have such strong social capabilities. Its legacy ecommerce solution was heavily customized, hard to manage, and slow, which meant it couldn’t upgrade to take advantage of new features.

“We need to keep our business dynamic as our target audience is very trend-sensitive and demanding,” said McNally. “With [Commerce Cloud], innovation is fast-paced and continuous, which means we can keep up with the latest social trends and keep our ecommerce offerings fresh for our customers.”

PacSun’s English-language website offers international shipping and payments in multiple currencies to cater to its largest markets, which include the U.S., Canada, Australia, and the U.K.

The website has a mobile-optimized version that is used to showcase product information, “lookbooks” that customers can shop from, new arrivals, and other features.

Commerce Cloud also enables PacSun to personalize its promotions based on the gender of the known visitor, so that women get promotions with floral images, while guys might see, for example, Nike footwear.

To deliver a truly omni-channel shopping experience and meet the expectations of today’s customers, PacSun continues to invest in its U.S.-based store network.

As well as equipping the majority of its 618 outlets with iPads, PacSun was a pioneer in launching a dedicated iPad site for sales associates that featured videos and lookbooks to help them sell more effectively. Armed with these digital innovations, a sales associate engages Katie with the brand via the iPad, inspires her by showing her new looks and different ways to combine product sets, and allows her to order products that may not available in a store.

“With [Commerce Cloud], we can continuously reinvent the shopping experience across every channel,” comments McNally. “It has made our business and our ecommerce operation much more nimble.”

PacSun hopes to further optimize its omni-channel capabilities and eliminate operational silos by evolving processes and developing key performance indicators (KPIs) centered on the brand and the customer.

Enhancing smartphone integration and customer relationship management is also on the agenda.

“[Commerce Cloud] is more than a technology platform — it is a solution partner. Its retail practice group stands right beside us, gives us new ideas, and encourages us to improve constantly,” says McNally. “It provides us with insight into the latest industry trends, which helps us differentiate ourselves from the competition and stay on top of consumer demands.”

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