You save a lot of time by eliminating redundancy, by being able to manipulate data quickly. It's a very flexible way to build a business.”


Pegasus Sustainability Solutions is out to dispel the myth that it costs more to operate a business sustainably. In fact, it equates sustainability with profitability; by eliminating unnecessary processes that generate waste, a business can also cut the costs associated with those processes. And of course, sustainability is good for the planet and increasingly attractive to prospective employees and business partners alike. Small and midsize businesses face a unique set of challenges when it comes to sustainability, however. Eighty percent of regulated waste and other environmental concerns are generated by small businesses, but 80% of the service providers who remove and help reduce waste target large manufacturing companies. There’s a disconnect between supply and demand — that’s where Pegasus Sustainability Solutions comes in. Pegasus matches up small businesses with waste removal and sustainability planning needs with smaller providers that can perform the services for them. Pegasus’ business has taken off since its founding in 2013. “We’re growing extremely quickly. We can’t keep up with the amount of business we’re getting,” said Founder and CEO Mark Hope. With a staff of only 35, Pegasus employees can’t afford to lose time hunting down critical information, duplicating one another’s efforts, or waiting for end-of-quarter reports to measure progress. Hope started Pegasus after serving as CEO of five different companies, so he knows firsthand what makes good organizations work. “Businesses make decisions on information. The quality and availability of the information is critical,” he said. So from the beginning, with only two employees on the payroll, Hope built Pegasus on Salesforce.


With Salesforce, you can tie every campaign to every expenditure, and you can instantly see the ROI of that activity.”

Today, nearly every facet of Pegasus’ operation runs on Salesforce — marketing, sales, HR, even conference room scheduling. “Really, everything we do is in Salesforce,” said Hope. The flexibility to support all of Pegasus’ business processes is matched by the real-time, companywide visibility into pipeline and communications that Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and Chatter provide. “What’s happening right this minute is visible to everyone,” Hope said. Access to real-time data is vital to company success, as Pegasus’ win rate on new opportunities is tightly linked to how long it takes to generate quotes. Larger competitors typically take five to eight days to generate service quotes, but Pegasus aims for much shorter turnaround. “We win 90% of jobs the company quotes within one hour. That rate decays rapidly over time, down to just 50% for quotes that take two days,” Hope said. Managing opportunities in Sales Cloud helps the process by taking customer information captured during inbound calls and instantly distributing it internally and across Pegasus’ network of service providers. Once a vendor has won the bid, job details are made available through a partner portal, which is powered by Community Cloud. “We’ve compressed the amount of time it takes to capture and to fulfill the opportunity,” Hope said. Pegasus also uses Marketing Cloud and Pardot to automate ad campaigns that trigger off of Google searches for key terms. “According to Google, 71% of businesses that identify a need start with a generic search,” Hope explained. So Pegasus’ marketing team uses Pardot to run ads against key search terms. When a user searches for “waste removal,” or related terms, Pegasus’ ads show up on the results page. The ads are designed to drive users to a landing page, and then to a call with a sales rep. “We’re making ourselves visible when somebody recognizes that they have a need,” Hope explained.

As business grows, Hope makes sure that any new ideas for sales, marketing, or partner relations get implemented in Salesforce. In fact, Pegasus has a “90-days rule” to that effect. “If somebody comes to me and says, ‘I’ve got this new idea,’ and they’re showing it to me in a spreadsheet, I tell them they’ve got 90 days to get it into Salesforce,” Hope said. The flexibility of Salesforce to support all of Pegasus’ business processes is a key part of how the company keeps critical information at employees’ fingertips even as it grows. For Pegasus, growth means nurturing its vendor partners using portals built on Community Cloud. Company leadership is considering adopting a franchise model, as well as creating a Salesforce implementation package to help partners work as efficiently as Pegasus does. “We have 600 vendors today, and we’re hoping to convert some of them to Salesforce,” Hope said. “I cannot imagine our business without Salesforce.” As Pegasus grows, it’s able to help more businesses operate sustainably and efficiently. That’s good for those businesses, good for the service providers Pegasus matches them up with, and good for the Earth, too., High Tech, Small Business
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