PetSmart is a Trailblazer

See how PetSmart achieved its biggest holiday season with Salesforce.


PetSmart switches to Salesforce and sees immediate success.

With the help of Salesforce Commerce Cloud, PetSmart is empowered to embrace digital innovation, vastly improve its speed to market, and drive conversions with thoughtful, personal customer experiences.

PetSmart’s relationship with Salesforce began with a shared vision of unified commerce, and its desire to shift from siloed customer views to 360-degree insights that put customers first. PetSmart also needed the flexibility to innovate faster and more easily than its previous platform allowed. In addition, it sought a solution that could handle the volume and scalability of peak events like Black Friday without the usual complexities. And Commerce Cloud delivered.


Salesforce enables us to connect with our customers authentically. To help them in every step of their pet’s life. To see that growth and to see how much we are empowered to actually deliver against our business strategies. That’s very freeing.”

Beth McCormick | VP of Commerce and Customer Engagement Technology at PetSmart

PetSmart implements Salesforce Commerce Cloud in a month — and has its biggest holiday season ever.

After a seamless implementation that Beth McCormick, VP of Commerce and Customer Engagement Technology, calls “the smoothest technology implementation that I’ve had in my career,” PetSmart saw immediate success with its biggest Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Thanksgiving ever — and only one month after launch.

Faster to market, faster to value.

With the power of Commerce Cloud’s unified cloud-based solution, PetSmart was able to replatform its entire website only weeks before the holiday shopping season — including the adoption of all-new capabilities that, until then, had been out of reach. After an impressively smooth implementation, PetSmart saw immediate success with its biggest holiday season to date.

PetSmart is a Trailblazer in building innovative, personalized customer communities.

Most importantly, Salesforce has given PetSmart the freedom to easily adopt innovative capabilities that empower connections with customers in a very personal way. PetSmart’s  in-store experience already promoted a space for both its human and animal customers to spend time exploring together to make every visit unique. It was important to provide the same sense of community in its online shopping environment. Now, PetSmart can implement new features as fast as it can conceive them, and can also finally deliver personalized experiences that drive customer loyalty and create a true sense of family.
See how Commerce Cloud can help you reach your goals faster.
For Beth, that’s one of the biggest benefits of the partnership with Salesforce. “Salesforce enables us to connect with our customers authentically, to help them in every step of their pet’s life.”

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