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Piedmont Healthcare prescribes stronger bonds with patients and physicians.

23,000 employees
Salesforce customer since 2018


decrease in email bounce rates


Piedmont Healthcare finds the right prescription for healthy patient and practitioner relationships.

The U.S. healthcare industry is undergoing a transformation as reimbursement payments to hospitals and other providers shift to a “value-based” model that emphasizes the well-being of patients and away from the traditional fee-for-service model. That shift is putting pressure on healthcare providers to improve patient outcomes and meet growing patient expectations by offering more personalized medicine focused on keeping patients well and out of the hospital.

Georgia-based Piedmont Healthcare, which serves more than 2 million people across the state, has been recognized as an innovator in this transformation. Founded in 1905, the nonprofit health provider is a leader in cancer care, heart disease treatment, and organ transplants, with 23,000 employees providing care at nearly 660 locations, including 11 hospitals, urgent-care and quick-care centers, and clinical practice locations.

Piedmont Healthcare is a Trailblazer in patient care and engagement.

To provide personalized medicine at scale, Piedmont’s leaders recognized the organization would need to embrace technology that guides each patient’s journey through its various systems. Salesforce has been an important partner in ensuring that Piedmont patients have an easy transition from one care provider to the next, at every step of their medical treatment.

“As a not-for-profit, community health system, it is critical that we put the patient experience at the center of everything we do,” said Andrew Chang, Executive Director of Marketing and Physician Outreach at Piedmont Healthcare. “Salesforce has enabled us to engage with our patients and help them get easier access to care, on their terms, by personalizing how we connect with them and using new ways to book appointments online.”


A complete view of each patient profile delivers preventive health benefits.

Piedmont uses Health Cloud to gain a complete view of each patient by noting the person’s socioeconomic status, living conditions, and other social determinants of health. Connected in-home care providers can use the patient profiles to reduce rates of hospital readmissions by determining which patients need help purchasing healthy meals, gaining access to transportation, and accessing other assistance.

With such data, caregivers are better able to address preventable conditions and mitigate the effects of chronic diseases. In an industry inundated with data, Health Cloud helps capture and surface the right data at the right time to the right provider.

Data-driven marketing boosts engagement with patients and physicians.

Through Health Cloud’s integration with Marketing Cloud, Piedmont Healthcare has modernized its approach to marketing in ways that are more data-driven and transparent. This approach has also given Piedmont’s management team better insights into its relationships with both patients and physicians.

Piedmont’s deployment of Marketing Cloud increased the volume and quality of communications with patients and physicians, while enabling more personalized targeting. Piedmont now can plan its campaigns with a single source of truth about consumer, patient, and physician interactions across all parts of the organization, including sales, relationship managers, marketing, and management.

Piedmont estimates its average annual benefit from Marketing Cloud at $1.6 million, and its return on investment at 83% annually. Piedmont was able to eliminate agency fees it had previously spent on marketing campaigns, and also shed the expense of maintaining its legacy in-house system. The payback period to recoup transition costs was approximately 1.8 years.


Sales staff uses personalization to develop healthy leads and nurture physician relationships.

Until Piedmont adopted Marketing Cloud, the sales staff had no automated system for tracking communications and nurturing physician leads, making it difficult for relationship managers and quality specialists to gauge the status of their relationships with affiliated physicians. Through the use of Pardot, the sales staff has improved its productivity by delivering personalized messages at scale, and then tracking engagement, identifying best leads, and following up with greater speed.

Piedmont has greatly improved its overall email marketing effectiveness by modernizing its marketing and sales outreach through Marketing Cloud, Social Studio, and Pardot. Bounce rates dropped by 83.5% (down to just 1.3%) and click-through rates jumped by 21% (up to 8%). Open rates increased by 6.7% (up to 32%). Because marketers can launch new campaigns so much more quickly, campaign volume and frequency has jumped, improving overall productivity for Piedmont’s marketing efforts.

Future expansion of Marketing Cloud will support new ways to reach patients, such as direct-to-consumer campaigns that empower patients to identify and manage their specialty care needs. Other plans, which may include expanding Salesforce use to the quality specialist team of relationship managers, are expected to foster improved collaboration and greater transparency across teams within the system.


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