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POC accelerates innovation and gives revenue a lift.


From skiing helmets to cycling body armor, this Swedish sports manufacturer creates products that protect and save lives. See how it increased Average Order Value by 18%.


Online or on the slopes, POC optimizes every experience.


Unified data shifts digital transformation into a higher gear.

POC wondered how it could present the right information at the right time to its customers. It wanted to give customers an easy way to discover and buy the perfect product.

The answer was to connect all the customer data in its platform. The brand began using Commerce Cloud, and then added Marketing Cloud and Service Cloud. Putting all its data into one place gave POC a unified view of its customers, and gave customers a seamless shopping experience. It was a win-win.


Listen to the data. The information you have about your customers is really the only true north.”

David DeMartini | Chief Marketing and Digital Officer, POC

How did digital transformation affect revenue? POC saw a:



Increase in Dollars Spent Per Shopping Session



Boost in Orders per Session



Rise in Average Order Value



Increase in Time Spent on Site


Hear the full story as Chief Marketing and Digital Officer David DeMartini tells it. Listen to the interview on the Ecommerce Growth podcast.


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