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Discover how Poppin furnishes great experiences for both B2B and B2C.


Poppin caters to both businesses and consumers with Commerce Cloud.

Fast-growing New York workspace company Poppin needed its website to serve both B2B shoppers spending $50,000 on office furniture, and B2C shoppers buying $2 erasers. How could the company maintain one digital commerce presence that effectively served both groups?

The answer: “We have one site on [Commerce Cloud] for both audiences, which lets us understand and segment our customers based on a single site experience,” said Jason Michael, Group Product Manager at Poppin.

Unified shopping helps businesses and consumers work happy.

Poppin designs and sells office supplies and furniture with a twist. Its products — everything from filing cabinets and file folders to staplers and sticky pads — are differentiated by their super sleek design and a variety of 21 candy-colored hues. These happy-looking office products are emblematic of the company’s “work happy” philosophy, which aims to beat the office doldrums with color and style.

In catering to both B2B and B2C customers, Poppin knew it was impractical to maintain two separate websites. So the company split its shopper personas within one unified site.

Case in point, the “Shop for Myself” and “Shop for Business” sections of the site have a very similar, nearly indistinguishable look and feel. That said, the B2B section offers buyer-specific features, like how to attract and retain talent, office design, corporate gifting, and product customization options. The B2C section has a different focus, like allowing shoppers upload, rate, and review photos.


We’ve taken a quantum leap from where we were, and we’re now positioned to do the things we want to do.”

Zachary Abbell | Director of Ecommerce at Poppin

A stable platform for streamlined customer experiences.

Zachary Abbell, Director of Ecommerce at Poppin, said Commerce Cloud was a natural fit for both Poppin’s B2C and B2C needs. “We needed a platform that was stable, that we wouldn’t have to pay every two years to upgrade, and that we know will be consistently enhanced from a product standpoint.”

Abbell said Commerce Cloud provided a “huge jump in performance and functionality” and made it much easier for Poppin’s internal team to do merchandising and promotions, particularly during the Thanksgiving holiday. Here are some of the results:

  • Coupled with holiday promotions for both B2B and B2C customers, Poppin saw a 90% increase in transactions.

  • Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales exceeded projections by 43% and 49% respectively, and featured 3x average conversion rates.

  • Poppin saw 5x and 6x increase in conversion rate on Black Friday and Cyber Monday emails, compared to an average day.

  • For the holiday overall, Poppin saw an 84% increase in online revenue, a 55% increase in orders, and a 78% increase in units sold year over year.


Poppin blazes new trails with its partners.

Collaboration among Poppin, Commerce Cloud, and experience design firm Fluid played a big part in the success of Poppin’s digital commerce business.

“Where [Commerce Cloud] really shines is post-launch,” Abbell said. Both teams were motivated to continually optimize the performance and capabilities of the site. “When a partner [like Commerce Cloud] is invested in your future, they’re not just selling you a product and exiting stage left.”

Poppin plans to refine the unified experience, so that a procurement manager buying office furniture one minute can seamlessly buy school supplies the next. “The impact of bringing in [Commerce Cloud] has really been around enabling our team to quickly react to things. We’ve taken a quantum leap from where we were a year ago,” said Abbell.

Manage B2B and B2C customer experiences simultaneously with Commerce Cloud.

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