The Audience Studio team has worked tirelessly with PSA to help us scope and execute a solution that meets the ambitious goals and expectations of the engagement.”


PSA Peugeot Citroën Uses Data to Customize Content Delivery and Fuel the Consumer Journey

PSA Peugeot Citroën is the second largest car manufacturer in Europe and the ninth largest in the world. The French manufacturer produces automobiles sold under Peugeot, Citroën, and DS brands. The PSA Group is listed on the Euronext Paris stock exchange.

The Challenge

The digital team at the PSA Group knew there was tremendous value to be unlocked from the first-party people data it gathered from consumer actions and interactions across its digital properties.

When consumers visit the PSA properties, they leave behind a valuable trail of information. Their actions generate data and send signals that can indicate their interests and current stage in the vehicle research and purchase process. For example: Were they focusing on a single model? Did they demonstrate an interest in particular vehicle features? Had they begun to configure a vehicle, but abandoned the process? Were they researching financing options?

By capturing, unifying, and analyzing these data points, the team at PSA believed it could glean valuable insights and personalize the consumer experience. The key was mining this rich vein of data and mapping it to the traditional purchase funnel. In doing so, they could not only provide their visitors more rewarding and engaging experiences, but also more effectively guide qualified prospects to dealerships and, ultimately, influence vehicle purchase decisions.

Audience Studio helps PSA use data to influence the buyer’s journey, dramatically improving the consumer experience and ultimately driving more automobile sales at the dealer level.”


The Solution

In essence, PSA wanted to use data in real time to guide the consumer’s journey across the path to purchase on its mobile and web properties. Audience Studio proved instrumental to this effort, and was selected based on the strength of its data platform and its ability to deliver an automated solution integrated with an execution system provided by another technology partner. Audience Studio's ability to create real-time audience segments was also a critical consideration. With that real-time response, true optimization of the customer journey was within reach.

With the data platform in place, PSA was able to capture and analyze all relevant data and use that information to associate site visitors with stages on the path to purchase. This effort focused on the Peugeot, Citroën, and DS brands, resulting in the creation of more than 800 consumer micro-segments. This segmentation model could be fed seamlessly from the Audience Studio platform to the PSA content management system (CMS), guiding the in-session content delivery decisions of the CMS and partner systems.

In addition to the Audience Studio technology, CMS, and partner execution system, the PSA data sciences team was instrumental to this effort. It developed a deep understanding of user-level activity and how consumer profiles evolve across stages of the conversion funnel. Through analysis and insight, the specific paths that were most likely to lead to critical conversion events were uncovered, allowing for real-time content personalization across 14 domains and more than 2,200 microsites.

The end result was an approach that brought together human intelligence, machine learning, and deep consumer insights to drive real-time content customization and streamline the path to purchase.

The Results

This approach to real-time consumer journey management quickly started delivering value. The conversion rate resulting from the personalized experiences was three times higher across key measures of buyer engagement. These included events such as prospective customers seeking vehicle financing and requesting a test drive, among others.

Based on the success of this initiative, PSA will extend it across a minimum of nine other countries. It also plans to use this approach in marketing efforts outside of its digital properties, including channels such as email, native ads, advertising retargeting, and social media. With this expansion, Audience Studio will continue to serve as the data hub, providing PSA with actionable insights to enhance the consumer experience and deliver tangible business results.

Note: This entire program was executed in compliance with PSA data protection policies, local regulatory requirements, and industry best practices.

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