With Salesforce, we don’t just meet expectations, we exceed them.”


Quintessentially delivers on its promises with Salesforce

Rupert wants to send his wife a bunch of her favourite flowers for their anniversary, but he’s on the other side of the Atlantic in back-to-back meetings. A quick email to his Lifestyle Manager at Quintessentially Lifestyle, and the flowers are on their way. Thanks to Salesforce, the Lifestyle Manager already knows what flowers to order and when and where to send them. Paul Drummond, Co-Founder of Quintessentially Group, comments: “We make a promise to deliver a responsive service 24/7/365. We can only keep that promise with a good service delivery platform – and that platform is Salesforce.” As a luxury lifestyle management service for high net worth individuals, Quintessentially Lifestyle receives 100,000’s of requests every year. Every one of these requests – whether it originates from the company’s online portal, email, mobile app or a phone call - is logged and managed via Service Cloud, along with the details of more than 50,000 suppliers. This centralised approach doesn’t just provide Quintessentially Lifestyle with a single view of its Members; it provides a single view of its business performance too. As Dan McBeth, Global Head of Technical Operations at Quintessentially Lifestyle, explains: “By gathering data on every Member interaction across multiple channels, we can see what resources we need to fulfill requests. This helps us forecast capacity and maximise efficiency.” Quintessentially Lifestyle offers a global, multilingual service to its travelling Member base. Salesforce helps to deliver a consistent customer experience by offering all global staff a single view of a Member at any given time.

We make a promise to deliver a responsive service 24/7/365. We can only keep that promise with the Salesforce platform.”


Sharing knowledge around the globe

To drive even greater efficiency, Quintessentially Lifestyle has set up time-based alerts within Service Cloud to prompt and remind Lifestyle Managers about outstanding requests from its Members around the globe. “We are 100 percent service focused,” comments Drummond. “Our goal is to become the world’s leading luxury group in the service and lifestyle sector and to become an indispensible part of our Members’ lives.” The specialist knowledge of Quintessentially Lifestyle’s team will be key to achieving this goal. For example, its London Nightlife team know about new club openings months before they happen. Thanks to Salesforce Chatter, an enterprise social networking tool, these insights can now be shared instantly with hundreds of Quintessentially Lifestyle employees in 60-plus offices globally including London, New York, Dubai and Hong Kong. “Chatter’s instant messaging capabilities are awesome for a decentralised organisation like us,” says McBeth. “It’s been a real game-changer.” Lifestyle Managers can also subscribe to different news feeds to get regular updates on suppliers, services and venues that are relevant to their clients.

Faster growth, better services

Effective knowledge sharing will be fundamental as the company continues to grow. Quintessentially Group has already expanded to include a group of 30+ Quintessentially Sister Businesses – such as Quintessentially Events or Quintessentially Wine - all of which will eventually become part of the Salesforce delivery platform ‘Qforce’. “Salesforce has helped us grow our Member base and global reach at great speed. We can turn on a new office in a day,” comments McBeth. Quintessentially Lifestyle is also rolling out the Salesforce mobile app to both its Elite Lifestyle Managers and executive team to help them work seamlessly when out of the office. “Salesforce has become a source of rich knowledge for our business,” comments Drummond. "By understanding our Members better, we can meet their needs better and exceed their expectations.”

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