Data is the new oil. You can’t use tools like Salesforce if you don’t know what you have and how to leverage it.”

Talmadge Zipperer, VP Enterprise Systems, RecruitMilitary

RecruitMilitary boosts advertising to help more veterans find employment.

As the largest military-focused recruiting company in the U.S., RecruitMilitary connects United States veterans with great job opportunities. The organization’s also home to a group of Trailblazers for marketing and advertising. This team plays a key role in RecruitMilitary sharing its message with more veterans — and helping them advance their careers.

The organization recently made the decision to become smarter with its advertising spend, and to move beyond blanket marketing efforts. That’s when RecruitMilitary began to search for a new advertising solution. Its team needed to weave marketing and advertising efforts together to produce more targeted and effective campaigning.

That’s when the team found Advertising Studio, which integrated seamlessly with its existing marketing technology, Salesforce Pardot. RecruitMilitary was ready to try Advertising Studio’s account-based marketing tools and integrated advertising capabilities.


We needed a solution that would help us hit the right people at the right time, in the right channel and in an efficient manner.”

Talmadge Zipperer, VP Enterprise Systems, RecruitMilitary

Advertising Studio helped RecruitMilitary unite two teams.

Before Advertising Studio, RecruitMilitary’s campaign processes were manual and tended to focus on events. When the organization was acquired by Bradley-Morris, its audience expanded greatly. Coordinated and targeted messaging was suddenly even more important. Fortunately, analysis in Advertising Studio clarified RecruitMilitary’s current marketing efforts’ effectiveness, particularly advertising.

The two companies’ teams, together, seized the chance to update their approach to marketing as well as learn new technology. Before adopting the new technology, RecruitMilitary created a coordinated strategy to guide implementation. Getting audience segmentation and targeting right required a much deeper understanding of the data they now shared — and what all that data meant.

Streamlining processes proves invaluable.

With both Bradley-Morris and RecruitMilitary on Salesforce, the teams boosted campaign effectiveness and created a more efficient workflow across the organizations. These teams can also refine and improve audience targeting.

Alongside these developments, RecruitMilitary plans to continue offering its full suite of services while building new and unique value for customers. That means there will be plenty to advertise to audiences in exciting new ways.

Advertising Studio enables the company to take a more holistic approach to delivering a tailored customer experience. The customer data available through Salesforce is critical to personalizing content in ads and other marketing efforts. After all, the veterans in RecruitMilitary’s audience aren’t all seeking the same types of jobs. Why should they all see the same ads and posts?

RecruitMilitary finds advertising success in keeping things simple.

In the end, RecruitMilitary found that keeping things simple was the best approach for its first steps. By enforcing a good knowledge of basic strategies before adding complex features, the adoption of Advertising Studio went smoothly and successfully. By understanding how Salesforce could provide benefits — efficiency, wider reach, and automation — RecruitMilitary was able to design a roadmap for its continued evolution.

The teams also focused on good management practices around their known data, as well as beginning to use the data they hadn’t previously leveraged. With Advertising Studio, data from any digital channel automatically synchronizes, so RecruitMilitary is always up to date.

Now, RecruitMilitary is better than ever at helping employers connect with America’s veterans.

To learn more, marketers can read the RecruitMilitary success success story written by Digital Clarity Group’s Cathy McKnight.


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