Samsonite Europe is a Trailblazer

With Salesforce, Samsonite Europe travels at the speed of its customers.


Samsonite Europe carries commerce across brands, products, and channels.

As the world’s leading luggage brand, Samsonite is known for innovative, light, and strong products. Samsonite has a unique business strategy that builds upon three pillars: being multi-brand, multicategory, and multichannel.

Many brands fall under the Samsonite umbrella — like Tumi and American Tourister. Samsonite may be known for luggage, but it’s also a leader in backpacks, handbags, and all kinds of products for commuters.

Its customers are on the go, so Samsonite is, too. From selling wholesale to going direct to consumer, Samsonite has a presence across the globe — both online and offline. That’s why Samsonite needs powerful ecommerce.

Samsonite needed a commerce solution without delays.

Serving business and customers across the world, Samsonite experienced a wide range of challenges when it came to technology. Some commerce was outsourced and some lived in outdated platforms. Its systems were limited, and it took too long to bring new features to market.

Samsonite wanted a tech solution that fit all of its commerce needs. More importantly, it needed a platform that moved as quickly as its customers. In Salesforce, Samsonite found exactly what it was looking for.

Technology is Samsonite’s ticket to successful commerce.

Samsonite chose Salesforce to unify its commerce. With Commerce Cloud, Samsonite internationalized its B2B and B2C operations. Now it can set up promotions, scale easily, and release sites in new countries quickly and efficiently.

Samsonite sees a lot of value in its new ecommerce system. With smarter merchandising options and more opportunities to upsell, growing revenue is easier than ever. The system is also more reliable — especially during peak seasons — which helps both Samsonite and its customers.

Through its direct-to-consumer channel, Samsonite can tailor and personalize its customer journey. Building the best possible customer experience helps Samsonite stay ahead of competitors.

Customers expect a smooth journey.

Edouard Wattel, GM Digital & Ecommerce for Samsonite, finds a trend in online behavior: “Humans are simply having the same expectations and habits across all platforms.” Whether for personal or business purposes, everyone hopes for convenience, speed, and consistency.

Like its customers, Samsonite is becoming increasingly digital. With Salesforce, it can give customers a seamless experience across all platforms. Samsonite is able to provide one view of its brand, and one integrated flow across devices and channels. Because of this unified commerce, it’s easier for Samsonite to meet — and exceed — high customer expectations.

Seamless commerce is a sight to see.

With unified commerce, Samsonite’s customers are seeing the world, and Samsonite is seeing how a brand can be successful across all channels.

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