In my view, Salesforce was a natural choice for Scaled Agile. It's the platform for us.”

CAROL MCEWAN, VP of Community, Scaled Agile

Scaled Agile has discovered the path to a more nimble learning community.

Started in 2012 by software industry veterans Dean Leffingwell and Drew Jemilo, Scaled Agile has aimed to make a positive contribution to both society and humanity by improving software development practices and outcomes in a larger effort to make organizations more productive, engaging, and fun.

By using Lean Agile principles and practices based on its Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), Scaled Agile helps the world’s largest businesses reduce time to market, enhance quality, and improve employee engagement and productivity.

Today, SAFe is the world’s most popular scaling method and go-to framework for software teams that are building the future at some of the world’s leading organizations. As IT becomes essential to nearly every industry, the SAFe training has been provided to 70% of the Fortune® 100, and its community of 130,000+ trained practitioners is growing by more than 8,000 members per month. With its significant and rapid growth, Scaled Agile knew it was time to upgrade and provide its community of practitioners and partners with a world-class learning experience platform.


Our decision to integrate with Salesforce … has allowed us to scale, support our growing community, and deliver valuable products and services as if we were a much larger organization.”

Carol McEwan, VP of Community

Scaled Agile blazes a trail to a better learning system

Learning is an important part of Scaled Agile’s mission. Providing its global community of SAFe trainers and practitioners with the opportunity to engage with others and access valuable learning content on demand is one of the company’s highest priorities. Scaled Agile needed to upgrade its systems to deliver value to its members faster, and as the framework evolved. Carol McEwan, VP of Community, envisioned providing members with a customizable, scalable learning platform with embedded video.

After evaluating several different platforms, the company selected Community Cloud, coupled with Appinium’s View Trac and Learn Trac products (found on AppExchange). The decision came down to the flexible feature sets and the power of a unified platform. According to Carol McEwan, "Our decision to integrate with Salesforce, in conjunction with Appinium solutions, has allowed us to scale, support our growing community, and deliver valuable products and services as if we were a much larger organization.”

Service Cloud helps drive even more engagement

McEwan’s team created The SAFe Community Platform, a completely customized instructor-led training and video learning application for partners and customers. McEwan is using it to experiment with measuring engagement based on data from video views and replays. Scaled Agile now uses Einstein Analytics to gain even more insight into its community engagement.

“Because everything is on a single platform, learning and communication are now streamlined,” said McEwan. “Before Service Cloud, we had accumulated several different customer service entry points, and the support experience was less than ideal. Now, all communication is routed to the Service Cloud console and we’ve dramatically improved the service we provide. By offering a state-of-the-art community and learning experience platform, we can deliver new content and greater value to our members as soon as it’s available.”

Salesforce helps make the right conversations happen

Before turning to Salesforce, Scaled Agile managed relationships using several disparate and manual processes. Given its large and growing network of customers and partners, some of whom worked together outside their association with Scaled Agile, the company found itself having to manage and communicate with various layers of contacts. To helps streamline the process, the company made the move to Sales Cloud Enterprise Edition.

Salesforce solutions for SMB — including Sales Cloud and Service Cloud — made it easier for Scaled Agile to coordinate and communicate with all of its partners and customers. They also helped the Partner Development and Enterprise Solutions teams get in sync with the rest of the company, creating a smoother sales cycle and a better customer experience. By improving awareness and transparency both internally and externally, Scaled Agile ensures that the right conversations happen, regardless of boundaries.

“In my view, Salesforce was a natural choice for Scaled Agile,” said McEwan. “It's the platform for us. We support community members, partners, and enterprises, and sometimes people transition between all three. Salesforce allows us to provide the right level of professional service, and deliver value to the right people, fast — and that’s really key for us.”

Scaled Agile learns the many advantages of using a single platform

The advantages of adopting Service Cloud, Community Cloud, and Appinium are adding up for Scaled Agile. Community engagement is increasing on a daily basis, and the positive feedback from members is inspiring Scaled Agile to do even more. As both the company and community continue to grow, Salesforce and Appinium solutions will help it remain tightly aligned with the needs of its customers and partners.

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