SOLARWATT is a Trailblazer.

SOLARWATT shines a light on sustainable energy with easy online business buying.


450+ Employees


Orders placed via b2b commerce storefront


SOLARWATT's vow: Power to the people.

When SOLARWATT promises “power to the people,” it’s promising environmentally friendly energy for customers. With over 25 years of experience, SOLARWATT is one of the largest home battery providers worldwide. It’s Germany’s top manufacturer of photovoltaic (solar energy) systems. Plus, it’s the European market leader in a kind of solar power module called “glass-glass.”

A pioneer in the industry, SOLARWATT’s customer network includes 3,000 partners in over 50 countries. Its ever-growing numbers recently led the company to explore creating a digital buying experience for customers.

The bright idea? Grow revenue and adopt online sales.

It was a strategic management decision to invest in digital transformation. The goal was to boost productivity and better understand and communicate with customers.

It was a priority to improve the process by which sales reps processed small-volume orders. Traditionally, all such orders were handled manually. The company wanted a scalable method to tackle these orders, anticipating a larger number of customers to come.

SOLARWATT knew it would need a new sales channel. Online was the way to go, since increased brand awareness and international expansion were also important goals.

The company leaders turned to Salesforce for help. That’s when big changes began.

SOLARWATT empowers customers to take charge of projects.

SOLARWATT extended sales to online channels with Salesforce B2B Commerce. In just six months, online business buying was live in eight countries.

With that foundation, the team turned its attention to a simpler ordering experience. The vision was to empower buyers to create their own solar installation concepts from anywhere. With help from the B2B Commerce system integrator, SOLARWATT created the Solar Project Planner.

The Solar Project Planner helps partners create new solar installations through a guided online process. After a series of questions, the tool provides the partner a recommendation of products needed for the specific project. The Project Planner reduces time customers spend on the phone — and gets them their personal configuration details faster. It also saves sales reps valuable time.

SOLARWATT also implemented a logistics tool using the Salesforce platform. This allows installation partners to set the time, date, and location they’d like goods shipped. Partners and customers are assured that all necessary components arrive in time. Reps at SOLARWATT can use this feature to cross-check orders and recommend any missing items.

Integrating sales and service processes changes everyone’s day-to-day.

SOLARWATT powers more than just its online storefront with Salesforce. The team unified sales and service processes with ecommerce on the platform.

This gives sales reps and service agents a 360-degree view of customers and their orders. Each team can also check on the status of customers’ active products. This shared view allows the sales team to involve partners in convenient adjustments. Quality control has improved, and conversion rates spiked from 0.3% to 10%.

Agents, meanwhile, save time to help more customers thanks to a self-serve portal that lets customers log new service case tickets. When customers register for an insurance policy on their photovoltaic SOLARWATT system, Service Cloud logs it right away. Teams can provide proactive service with this data, such as automated notifications about upcoming product replacements and maintenance.

With B2B Commerce, the future is bright for SOLARWATT.

Following the implementation of B2B Commerce and integrated solutions, SOLARWATT watched numbers rise. The team reports now that 50% of its order intake comes via the online storefront. Nowadays, 25% of the sales team focuses on outbound calls instead of taking manual orders. And finally, sales reps save 30% more time on their processes. That means more time for meaningful customer conversations about upcoming projects and new products.

That’s a lot more opportunity to light the way for buyers adopting environmentally conscious energy solutions.

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