St John Of God Healthcare is a Trailblazer

Salesforce is helping us reimagine what it means to be truly patient-centric and making every touchpoint seamless.”

Ben Dellar | Transformation Manager
~13,000 employees and staff
Salesforce customer since 2017


patient adoption rate in just 4 months


St John of God Healthcare transforms patient care with seamless admissions.

St John of God Healthcare has been caring for Australians for more than 120 years, supporting family, friends, and patients in their time of need. Through its 23 facilities and 3,200 beds, the organization’s mission is to help people realize the richness and fullness of life, offering them exceptional care. The healthcare provider knows what this will require in the future is very different from today.

“Looking to the future, our chief challenge is how to create an experience that’s smart, simple, and personal for all our patients,” said Ben Dellar, Transformation Manager at St John of God Healthcare. “Salesforce is helping us reimagine what it means to be truly patient-centric and making every touchpoint seamless.”

St John of God Healthcare has been working to reduce anxiety and paperwork for patients with a new admissions portal that’s been used by more than 6,900 patients in its first few months of operations. Streamlining interactions with patients is also delivering efficiency gains for their caregivers.

A connected experience puts patients first.

St John of God Healthcare initially turned to the healthcare technology market for a solution but found existing technology fragmented. Organization leaders wanted a solution that would centralize data on a single platform and provide a connected experience, not just during admission but all the way through each patient’s journey, starting before any hospital visit. Leaders also wanted a scalable solution that would help them increase efficiency and provide more personal care. St John of God Healthcare landed on Salesforce, building an easy-to-use portal on Community Cloud in just four months.

Working together, Salesforce and PwC helped St John of God Healthcare make the portal a reality, starting with the Murdoch hospital in Perth, Western Australia. The experience for patients has been universally improved, helping to remove anxiety about payment or simple things like when to arrive and where to check in. Patients can interact with the platform via the desktop, mobile, and phone, and also opt for partners and loved ones to complete online forms on their behalf.


Smart, simple and more personal engagement.

The organization’s leaders believe that, stepping into the hospital, patients should have space and peace of mind to focus on what matters most. They created a new online admissions process to support the healing journey ahead.

“Individuals being admitted to hospital are often going through a very tough time already without the added burden of paperwork,” said Dellar. “We needed to make it easy for patients to engage with us and look at their journey holistically.”

The previous admissions process at St John of God Healthcare involved many manual steps and repeated capture of the same or similar information from patients. Patients would meet hospital employees face to face or over the phone and then send required paperwork by email or fax.

This experience has been entirely transformed. Imagine you’re a patient the day before your first operation. You receive a final SMS notification about your procedure and go through your checklist. You’ve already logged onto the patient portal to confirm your details and finalize payment. Your bags are packed and you’re ready to go.

You arrive the next day and check yourself in at a kiosk. There are no last-minute documents to complete or large payments to be made. Instead, a caregiver is on hand to guide you through the next steps.

The new admissions portal, which is currently live for surgical patients at Murdoch, has seen online adoption rates of about 85%, compared to adoption rates of 30% for other solutions. St John of God Healthcare is now continuing its journey in other hospitals and departments. It has improved efficiencies in data collection and management and automated how workflow is prioritized. It has also reduced the administrative load for caregivers, enabling them to focus more on what they do best.

“The needs of our patients are at the heart of every new touchpoint. They understand where they are on their journey and where they’re going next,” said Dellar.


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