As a small business, get a CRM that gives you the ability to track and manage relationships and stay in touch with people over a long period of time. It's a must-do.”


Entrepreneurs have to be on the lookout for every competitive advantage they can get. Tech entrepreneurs battling one another to recruit the best engineering talent need more than salaries and equity grants to win top hires. “Space matters,” said David Bergeron, Managing Director at T3 Advisors. “We believe that people are the most important asset at a company. Putting them in an environment that allows them to be productive is the single most important thing you can do.” Finding the right space to call home can give a company the extra edge it needs in attracting and retaining talent. T3 Advisors was founded in 2001 as the only real estate firm in the world dedicated to helping entrepreneurs. By focusing on serving technology and life sciences companies, T3 Advisors has been able to hone in on how to help entrepreneurs turn the expense of real estate into a valuable asset to help their companies grow. Where most real estate brokerage firms represent both landlords and tenants across all industries, T3 Advisors only represents tenants, which helps them to both avoid conflicts and fully align with their clients’ best interests. This model has served T3 Advisors well: The company expanded from its original Boston office to Silicon Valley in 2011, where it continues to grow. But as the company serves more clients, it has to manage a growing database of contacts that’s always in flux. “Every year, about 175 of our CFO contacts head to a new job,” Bergeron said. Since CFOs are often the primary touchpoint at T3 Advisors, and CFO churn is very quick across the tech and life sciences industries, building diverse relationships across clients’ businesses is key to T3 Advisors’ continued success. “Salesforce allows us to get diverse in our outreach, and cast a wide net within an organization,” Bergeron said. “We’re not losing clients because the one person who was our internal champion and advocate is now gone.”

After using what Bergeron called a Rolodex version of CRM that required more attention than his team could afford to give it, T3 Advisors gave SalesforceIQ a try. “We didn’t think there was anything innovative out there,” Bergeron explained. “SalesforceIQ changed our minds.” SalesforceIQ works inside of T3 Advisors email accounts, analyzing communications to create relationship data, log touchpoints, and suggest follow-ups and other action items. “SalesforceIQ gives us a whole new perspective on client relationships,” Bergeron said. “We save them time and we get better deals for them.” SalesforceIQ also helped Bergeron make a few close saves with clients and prospects. “Two weeks after a conference, I glanced at the automatically populated ‘Inactive Days’ field for leads I met there to make sure I had contacted all of them,” he said. Turns out Bergeron had yet to follow up with one of those leads. So he did. “Partially thanks to SalesforceIQ, I’m happy to say that person is now an active client of the firm," he said. T3 Advisors also uses SalesforceIQ to alert internal stakeholders to milestones and other important dates like lease expirations and client events. Bergeron also said one of his favorite features of the platform is its integration with Google Chrome for calendaring. “I can send my available calendar options and the intelligent side of SalesforceIQ will come back and get me confirmed for meetings in a way that’s much faster than I’ve ever experienced before,” he said. “The time that SalesforceIQ saves me on a daily basis is pretty profound.” Through a combination of ease of use and intelligent automation, SalesforceIQ has become an indispensable tool for Bergeron and his team at T3 Advisors. The platform saves them time, keeps important relationships and events top of mind with automated reminders, and provides companywide visibility into constantly evolving accounts and relationships. That’s the kind of competitive edge that helps T3 Advisors secure dream spaces for more clients looking to build their own businesses.

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