Torani evolves with the times while staying true to its history.

We needed a tool that could bring us all together. Ultimately, that landed us with Salesforce.”

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Torani evolves with the times while staying true to its history.

Many people think the flavored latte they grab before work originated years ago in Italy or France, or possibly at Starbucks. In actuality, flavored lattes are a recent invention, created in Caffe Trieste on a rainy day in San Francisco, after someone pointed to a bottle of Torani syrup and asked, “What is that? Can I try a drink with that?”

Torani is a Trailblazer in retail by using Salesforce to grow into a multinational business.

Torani started in 1925 as a small family operation run by an Italian-American couple with a handful of recipes for flavored Italian soda syrup. They sold the first bottles of Torani syrup to stores near their home in the North Beach neighborhood of San Francisco. Now, almost 100 years later, Torani is an internationally distributed company that boasts a product range of over 200 flavors of syrups, sauces, and more. Customers can find its iconic red-yellow-and-blue label on the shelves of coffee shops, restaurants, and kitchen counters worldwide.

Despite incredible growth, Torani remains ambitious. Its next step is to expand to new markets and distribution channels, with the intention of doubling revenue by 2025. To reach this goal, Torani plans to elevate marketing campaigns and sales strategy and increase customer engagement worldwide.

Torani keeps its path to success sweet with a modern business platform

As the company grew, Torani found its legacy systems couldn’t keep up. Sticky notes and spreadsheets limited communication across teams and regions, and because Torani has many sales teams working independently from different regions, it was difficult for headquarters to understand what was happening in each one. Sylvie Mwila-Jonath, Head of IT, said, “Obviously, the sales teams meet every week. But from a day-to-day standpoint, it was really hard to see what people were doing and track activity across the entire team.” The disparate sales organizations coupled with the siloed data prevented Torani from having a comprehensive understanding of its teams and its customers. Because of Torani’s people-centric culture and values, this lack of information quickly became a problem. That’s when the company began using Salesforce.

Using Salesforce, Torani grows its business as a team.

With Sales Cloud, Torani can manage all U.S. deals with less than 40 sales reps. It started off by integrating Salesforce into Outlook to manage contacts, but the company now uses Sales Cloud to oversee opportunity management, pipeline management, and reports and dashboards. After implementing Chatter to cover internal correspondence, Salesforce now facilitates employee collaboration as well.

Salesforce keeps a record of every customer communication and interaction, so Torani has a 360-degree view of every customer and every case. “I’m happy to say, now everybody can see information about different accounts and how they’re doing,” said Mwila-Jonath. With visibility into the company and its customers, Torani can keep track of its customer relationships as it explores new sales opportunities and marketing strategies.

Salesforce also facilitates collaboration within Torani. Mwila-Jonath explains, “Collaboration has gotten a lot better than it was, and not just within the sales department. Anyone who is connected to Chatter can see what’s going on if there’s a campaign. There’s been a noticeable increase in productivity and engagement because our team members are more aware of what’s going on, because they’re able to share what they know and contribute to different projects.”

Torani builds its brand, and its revenue, with excellent customer engagement.

Torani’s other big growth goal is increasing customer engagement with direct consumers. The vast majority of Torani’s sales comes from big retail customers, importers, and national accounts, who then distribute products to individual buyers. “Even if the consumer or the cafe operators are not buying directly from us, we want to be able to have a relationship with them, because ultimately, they’re the ones who are consuming the product we make,” said Mwila-Jonath. To that end, Torani engages with fans on social media by showcasing recipes using Torani products. “It’s all about customer experience. It’s about how Torani loves consumers, and consumers love Torani.”

Using Social Studio, Torani can build relationships directly with its community of consumers by engaging with them in personal and creative ways. With Pardot, Torani creates personalized, targeted email campaigns that generate marketing-qualified leads (MQLs), which are automatically assigned to regional sales reps to continue their success with distributors.

Trailhead makes Salesforce integration simple and widespread at Torani.

Torani started blazing a trail with Salesforce in 2010 with Sales Cloud. Now it’s expanded use of Salesforce to Marketing Cloud, Pardot, and Service Cloud. With so many products being used, Torani is turning to Trailhead to make implementation and learning easy. “With all these different platforms we’re adding, we’re trying to absorb as much knowledge and information as we possibly can. One way I felt was a good way to do it was just to sign up in Trailhead and take as many trails as I possibly can,” said Mwila-Jonath.

Torani partners with a platform that grows with it.

To meet its goals for expansion, Torani needs a platform that can scale with its development, instead of limiting its potential. “When the company is smaller, everything is manageable. You can put things into Excel. You can have a very simple system of doing things. Now, we need a collaboration platform where everybody can go,” said Mwila-Jonath.

As Salesforce unifies all Torani’s organizations, customer and company data is available to every team. “From my standpoint, I’m looking at creating a platform that’s scalable, which we can continue to use 10 years from now,” said Mwila-Jonath. With a connected platform, Torani can collaborate like never before, and expand its business as a result. “We needed a tool that could bring us all together. Ultimately, that landed us with Salesforce.”


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