Tribeca Pediatrics is a Trailblazer

Salesforce gives us the visibility to ensure a precise level of accountability at scale for our referrals.”

Steven Schwartzberg | Information Systems Director
300 employees
Salesforce customer since 2017


decrease in staff resources for referrals process


Tribeca Pediatrics and Salesforce make providing patient-centric care easier than ever.

Finding care for your child when they need it most is hard enough without having to navigate the logistics of scheduling, insurance, and interacting with a staff of strangers. But since its founding in the early 1990s, Tribeca Pediatrics has pioneered a different approach to providing care that’s as intentional as it is customer-centric.

With 28 locations throughout New York City and Los Angeles, Tribeca Pediatrics brings a traditional, small-town feel to the big city by limiting each office’s staff to a doctor and a few staff members for a warmer, more tailored experience. Other staff (from IT to finance) work from a centralized office to focus on the communications and operations behind the scenes.

Serving thousands requires automated flexibility

While Tribeca Pediatrics has always prioritized customized experiences, personalizing communications becomes extremely difficult across a patient base of 70,000 without the proper systems integrations or automated processes. Unhappy with the cumbersome and error-prone batch processes it used to send numerous emails to parents (as well as to manage the hundreds of incoming emails it receives every day), Tribeca Pediatrics began searching for a better solution that was both HIPAA compliant and automated for increased efficiency.

At the same time, even though its electronic health records (EHR) software was serving the company’s needs from a clinical standpoint, its lack of flexibility, practice management, and enterprise support had resulted in functionality that was far behind Tribeca Pediatrics’ scope and vision. And because the business has multiple offices and extended hours on nights and weekends, patients who visited a different location weren’t always as easily identifiable.

A more complete view of the patient

Tribeca Pediatrics’ search led it to Salesforce, which not only provided an email solution that would meet its needs, but also integrated its EHR with Health Cloud to gain a more complete view of the patient across offices and provide an improved customer experience. Call center agents now know the patient’s information right when they call in, helping to solve inquiries more efficiently with clinical and personal information in one place.

Steven Schwartzberg, Information Systems Director at Tribeca Pediatrics. “Salesforce gives us the visibility to ensure a precise level of accountability at scale.”

Tribeca Pediatrics also uses Health Cloud to optimize its referrals process. Since implementing Salesforce, the business has automated much of this cumbersome process, allowing it to reduce staff resources by 33% and redirect them toward other needs. Now Tribeca Pediatrics can easily send faxes to specialists, increase visibility of outstanding referrals, and follow up on results with outside practices.

“Having our referrals in Salesforce gives us a lot more visibility into the department and shows the staff that this is a really powerful tool that’s more than email management,” said Leslie Pennypacker, Executive Director of Tribeca Pediatrics.

Personalized communications through automation

Using Journey Builder as part of Salesforce Marketing Cloud, allows Tribeca Pediatrics to more efficiently personalize and send communications to patient caregivers, saving more than eight hours of staff time per week. Not only can the business automatically send milestone emails that are personalized with the patient’s name and age specific guidance, it can also send post-visit surveys or proactively reach out to patients who haven’t visited in awhile.

A portal for parents and practitioners

Tribeca Pediatrics has also been working on a patient portal built on Salesforce Community Cloud to provide an even more connected, convenient experience for customers. Busy parents can communicate with the practice, schedule visits, get answers, follow up on test results, and pay bills no matter what time of day it is. For an even more complete customer experience going forward, handheld tablets will allow parents to update patient information and pay outstanding bills — all actions to be updated in real time through Salesforce surfaced in the EHR. 

Scaling healthcare for continued growth

Tribeca Pediatrics has always been focused on the patient experience. But with Salesforce, it has been able to scale communications and grow the business by making information more accessible, accelerating day-to-day operations, and personalizing customer experiences.

“Parents want to be more involved in their child’s health,” said Schwartzberg. “Salesforce allows us to meet that demand by making communication with the practice easier and allowing parents to manage their child’s healthcare.” 

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