Wolverine is a Trailblazer

See how Wolverine unfies ecommerce across multiple sites, brands, and regions.


Wolverine launches 70 sites across 15 brands in 18 months with Commerce Cloud.

Wolverine Worldwide traces its roots to 1883, and the belief that great things are possible. The company was an early innovator in establishing a national sales force, and became a household name long before technology made it simple for companies to do so.

Over the course of several decades, Wolverine grew into a $2.76 billion company (as of fiscal year 2014), driven primarily by the acquisition of nearly a dozen brands. While acquisitions helped propel global growth, they bogged Wolverine down with different ecommerce code bases for each brand, creating needless overlap, significant inefficiency, and a lack of business agility. “It was not a scalable or sustainable approach for our business,” says Jodi Watson, President of Direct-to-Consumer at Wolverine.

In late 2013, the company set out to re-platform every one of its U.S. Canada, and Europe sites, leveraging Commerce Cloud as the central commerce platform uniting sites, channels, geographies, and devices.

Wolverine launches new international sites quickly.

Within 18 months, Wolverine re-platformed over 70 sites and over 40 mobile sites in 13 countries and in five currencies. Today, Wolverine has 15 brands running on Commerce Cloud, which allows the company to quickly roll out new features across each brand.

One of the chief benefits of enterprise cloud commerce (particularly for large multi-brand retailers like Wolverine) is the ability to quickly take advantage of new innovations and deploy them across brands and geographies to maximize scalability, innovation, and growth.


When we work with Commerce Cloud, it means one change gets cascaded across all brands quickly and efficiently — instead of having to rebuild that technology over and over again for each of our brands.”

Jodi Watson | President of Direct-to-Consumer at Wolverine Worldwide

Wolverine blazes a trail to success with client success experts.

Wolverine’s smaller brands are all run through a centralized center of excellence inside Commerce Cloud. Working with Commerce Cloud’s client success experts has also helped Wolverine identify the business processes and requirements needed to execute its multinational ecommerce plans. These experts have a vested interest in client success, and are adept in retail best practices.

Industry insights validate Wolverine’s initiatives.

A recent report by L2 Research found that commerce platform choice has a significant impact on a retailer’s business performance, with retailers on cloud-based platforms growing at up to twice the rate of those using on-premise or custom platforms.

That being the case, says Watson, commerce platform decisions for retail organizations need to be made by senior-level leadership.

“If C-suite and business leaders understand the importance of what a web platform can bring, they’ll understand it’s much more than a piece of technology. It’s a piece of commerce technology that can drive your entire business.”


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