I can’t tell you how invaluable Premier+ Success was when I was the only person doing the job and trying to scale.”

Lydia Jackson, Sales Operations Manager

Zignal Labs expands sales and boosts renewals with Premier+ Success.

When Lydia Jackson began working as the sole sales operations manager and Salesforce administrator for Zignal Labs, the media intelligence company was a small startup with 10 engineers and only one sales person: the CEO.

Today, Zignal employs more than 100 people, nearly a quarter of whom depend on Salesforce to manage leads, close sales, and support customers. During much of this exponential growth, Jackson acted as the only Salesforce administrator, and she learned Salesforce on the job.

Zignal’s relationship with Premier+ Success played a large role in helping Jackson scale her work. “I was completely self-taught, and I learned things as I went,” she said. “In the early days, I was stretched so thin. Over the first two years, we went from one use case for Salesforce — tracking the CEO’s deals — to multiple use cases.”

In the beginning, the service provided a way for Jackson to answer questions, such as how to visualize data in a report or how to create a marketing funnel. Premier+ Success also provided help for Jackson as she explored how to use Salesforce in more strategic ways.

“I had ideas for how to use Salesforce but didn’t know how to do them, so I could talk them through with experts who knew,” Jackson said. “I couldn’t have done my job in those early days without Premier+ Success. They helped me figure out how to make my ideas work and also handled things outside my scope of ability.”


In the early days, I was stretched so thin. Over the first two years, we went from one use case for Salesforce — tracking the CEO’s deals — to multiple use cases.”

Lydia Jackson, Sales Operations Manager

A responsive and invested team

Though Zignal Labs encountered few urgent issues, knowing Premier+ Success was available to resolve issues immediately made Jackson feel more confident and in control. She recalls when she submitted a case at 5 p.m. on a Friday evening as a final task before leaving for the weekend. Jackson received a response from the Premier+ Success team immediately informing her that they were ready to follow up right away.

“The fact that I got that turnaround on a minor case was really impressive,” she said. “Knowing that I have that response time is a sense of security for my team. If I didn’t have that backup, I wouldn’t have any backup.”

As Zignal Labs approached the one-year anniversary of signing up its first clients, the team realized it had no way of tracking subscription renewals. The company needed a way to account for revenue from renewals and track whether clients wanted to move forward with their subscriptions. Jackson wanted to find a way to automate renewal tracking while making sure data was accurate.

Having never tackled a project like this before, Jackson gathered ideas from Zignal’s head of sales and customer support team about the kinds of information and functionality that would support a renewal-tracking process. Jackson then brainstormed with the Success Manager and Premier+ Success representatives to determine the kinds of reports and dashboards Zignal needed and how to build the right internal processes.

“Premier+ Success experts were a sounding board and knowledge base for me,” she said. Together, Jackson and representatives from Premier+ Success determined how Zignal could use Process Builder to create a renewal workflow, which included setting up tasks, determining the right apps for internal teams to use, and defining how to file cases to support the process. Jackson passed the complicated pieces of the renewal workflow she couldn’t handle herself off to the Premier+ Success team, which distributed the work to Salesforce engineers.

A new chapter in Zignal’s growth

Jackson also used the Premier+ Success Configuration services to clean up existing renewals data in Salesforce. “They created 50 to 60 records representing renewals our financial team knew about but I didn’t because no contract had been signed,” she said. “That alone took a couple of weeks that I was able to spend on other projects. I could focus on putting process in place to move forward in the correct way.”

Recently, Jackson began to grow her team with the addition of three employees. Premier+ Success helped again to train Jackson’s staff.

“Now that I have some backup, we’re using Premier+ Success in different ways,” she said. “As my employees work on a dashboard for the first time and get stumped, they can leverage the training modules available through Premier+ Success. It’s a good learning process for them.”

Reaching this point in the company’s growth is a milestone, and Jackson credits Premier+ Success for supporting her success. “I can’t tell you how invaluable Premier+ Success was when I was the only person doing the job and trying to scale,” she said.


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