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"With Salesforce, we’ve formed a strategic partnership which will help support economic growth across the continent."

—Peter Vickery
Head of Sales & Service

Standard Bank cashes in on knowledge with Salesforce

In the business world, knowledge is power. And if that knowledge is lost, then customers -- and competitive advantage -- can quickly vanish, too.

For Standard Bank, capturing and sharing knowledge is fundamental to its relationship-based approach to banking in Africa. As Peter Vickery, Head of Sales & Service for Personal and Business Banking (PBB) at Africa Standard Bank, confirms: “To continue to grow our business, we need to understand and connect with our customers.”

With Sales Cloud, the African banking giant can collate key customer information in a single place that is accessible to everyone involved in managing the relationship.

“Before we deployed Sales Cloud, information was in people’s heads or on local systems,” recalls Vickery. “The solution has brought all that knowledge into one place. If a member of staff leaves, their knowledge doesn’t leave with them, which is very valuable for our customers.”

Making information more accessible not only makes it easier for Standard Bank to connect with its millions of customers, but also to cross-sell products and services. “We can track every conversation we’ve had with customers, which prevents duplication of sales effort,” says Vickery.

Thanks to the Salesforce1 Mobile App, records of these conversations and other key information can be accessed and updated by relationship managers while they are in customer meetings.

“As well as seeing information in real-time, we can see the entire customer journey, which makes us more agile,” comments Vickery.

Faster problem resolution, faster lead conversion

With more than 3,500 employees within both PBB and Corporate and Investment Banking using Sales Cloud, Vickery and his management colleagues have a unique insight into the bank’s performance.

Sales Cloud allows Standard Bank to get centralized visibility into its operations across 14 African countries. “With Sales Cloud, we can work as one bank,” explains Vickery. “We have a standardized sales process for capturing information and completing sales, which means we can identify -- and close -- opportunities quicker.”

Problems get spotted faster too. “We can oversee performance at an individual and team level,” comments Vickery. “For example, if we see there’s a bottleneck in processing loans or a delay in pipelines being converted, we can take action.”

Standard Bank also uses Salesforce Chatter to monitor performance – and showcase success. “We use Chatter to celebrate who has made the most deals and who is converting leads the quickest, which helps to motivate everyone,” says Vickery.

Relationship managers also use Chatter to share best practice and advice on how to deal with different customer situations and queries.

“Salesforce makes it easier for us to put our customers and their needs first, which will help us achieve our goal of becoming Africa’s leading digital bank,” concludes Vickery.

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