Welcome to the Salesforce Crash Course:
Improving Your CRM Data
Welcome to the Salesforce Crash Course:
Immproving Your CRM Data
What is covered in this course?
At Salesforce, your success is our #1 priority. We want to make sure you’re getting the most out of your CRM investment, and in particular avoiding the leading cause of CRM failure: bad data.
The ‘Data Crash Course’ program is designed to educate customers and draw awareness around the value of CRM data quality via lessons that contain actionable takeaways, resources, and best practices.
Let's get started!
  • Lesson 1
  • The Importance of Data Quality
  • Learn the signs and symptoms of data quality problems, and become a believer in the importance of data to your business.

Welcome to lesson one of our Improving CRM Data Crash Course. We'll start the course by learning the signs and symptoms of data quality problems, and healp you become a believer in the importance of data to your business. Data issues can have a direct impact on your bottom line.

In a Gartner Study, organization estimated that poor-quality data is costing them an average of $14.2 million annually. So, recognizing and addressing data issues can have a direct impact on your bottom line.

Ask Yourself

  • Do you have problems with inaccurate, incomplete, or duplicate customer data in your CRM?
  • Do your sales reps, or other stakeholders, complain about the quality of the data in your CRM and point to it as a main cause of failure?
  • Do you struggle to carry out strategic initiatives because of a lack of rich, accurate data?

Lesson Materials:

Power Your CRM with High-Octane Data

Your CRM engine is only as good as the customer data fuel you put in. Learn what dirty fuel is costing your busienss, and how you can use advanced customer data to boost performance. You'll also get tips for a complete overhaul of your data for max performance.


Meet with your company's data satkeholders — Sales Leadership, Marketing, IT — to discuss the problems dirty data is causing in your organization.

  • Lesson 2
  • Fostering a Data-Centric Culture
  • Learn the ways you can make data quality a focus and asset across your organization

Welcome to lesson two of our Improving CRM Data Crash Course. This lesson’s resource covers the ways you can make data quality a focus and asset across your organization.

Implementing data quality initiatives can have a material impact on your business, with the average company experiencing an increase of 15-20% in revenues and 20-40% in sales.

Ask Yourself

  • How does data impact the different departments in my organization?
  • Are there data problems that are common across departments?
  • What problems are unique to our team?
  • How are we investing in data quality on my team and across the company?

Lesson Materials:

Get Data Strong

As companies rely more heavily on data to run their businesses, it becomes important to make it a central focus.

This e-book suggests ideas for how sales, marketing and CRM admin teams can build a successful data-centric culture, to ultimately drive business success.


Form a cross-department task force to discuss, plan and execute initiatives that promote the importance of data quality and foster a data strong culture.

  • Lesson 3
  • Addressing Duplicates
  • Get some actionable steps for reducing the amount of duplicates in your system

It’s lesson three of our Improving CRM Data Crash Course, and this lesson’s topic is a hot one. Here we want to give you some actionable steps for reducing the amount of duplicates in your system!

Companies without any data quality initiatives or a data strategy in place are likely to have anywhere from 10-30% duplicate records in their system. That means a significant amount of pain and frustration for CRM users trying to use, report on and manage customer data.

Ask Yourself

  • How many users and teams at your company are creating records in Salesforce?
  • How many duplicate records do you have?
  • How could duplicates be getting into the system?
  • How do duplicates affect your business processes?

Lesson Materials:

The Essential Guide to Duplicate Alerts and Blocking

Powered by Data.com, Duplicate Alerts and Blocking is provided as a standard feature for all Salesforce CRM customers with Professional Edition and above!

This guide helps you understand matching rules and the configurations to adjust for optimal results. Links to support resources, video and visual aids will help you understand how to clean up and prevent duplicate data.


Review or setup your matching and duplicate rules in Salesforce, and discuss a record creation policy and duplicate alerts workflow with your CRM/data team.

  • Lesson 4
  • Intro to Data Governance and Stewardship
  • Start putting a plan in place for how your organization manages data overall

Welcome to lesson 4 of our Improving Your CRM Data Crash Course. We hope you’ve seen some early results from the discussions and efforts you’ve made so far to improve your company’s data quality. This lesson’s topic is about how to start putting a plan in place for how your organization manages data overall.

A plan for governing and maintaining data quality can have a material impact on revenue. According to SiriusDecisions, a data quality strategy and targeted data improvement efforts that solve conflicts at the source can lead to a 25% increase in converting inquiries to marketing-qualified leads.

Ask Yourself

  • Are you familiar with the concepts of data governance and stewardship?
  • Does your company have standards or policies in place for managing data?
  • Have you assessed the health of your data?
  • Who is responsible for ensuring the ongoing health and quality of data?

Lesson Materials:

Introduction to Data Governance & Stewardship

To realize the full value of an investment in the, you need policies and processes for collecting the right data, managing it, and ensuring that it is reliable and relevant.

This e-book includes tips on assessing data health, recommendations for a governance plan, and key stewardship activities to consider.


Begin the process of creating a Governance Plan by recruiting a data stakeholder team and meeting to outline the issues you want to address, then begin drafting the plan.

  • Lesson 5
  • Assessing the Health of Your Data
  • See where your specific company's CRM data can be improved

Welcome to lesson 5, the final of our Improving Your CRM Data Crash Course. In this lesson you’ll see where your specific company’s CRM data can be improved.

All of these questions can be answered in minutes with the Data Assessment App. It will also clearly show you where Data.com solutions could make an immediate positive impact. On average, Data.com customers see...

  • 44% improved data completeness
  • 43% increase in CRM adoption
  • 29% more sales opportunities

Ask Yourself

  • What would you estimate is the percent of account records that would match to a referential source like Dun & Bradstreet?
  • For accounts, which industries and company sizes are most prevalent in your database?
  • What percentage of your critical account, contact and lead fields are complete and up-to-date?

Lesson Materials:

Data.com Assessment App

The Data.com Assessment App helps Salesforce customers understand the overall health of their customer data.

Use this app to analyze your account, contact, and lead records, in order to gain details on data completeness and quality.


Install the Data.com Assessment App, run an assessment, then share the results/reports with your data stakeholder team and discuss next steps.

Where can I go to learn more?
We’d be happy to help you understand any topics in more depth, or discuss your specific data obstacles and needs. You can contact your Salesforce Account Executive, or have a representative reach out to you by filling out the form linked below.
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