Data Quality Crash Course - Course Overview

The team has developed an educational crash course on Improving Your CRM Data. In addition to this course of study, you will also be provided resources to study and learn from, and assignments you can work on within your own organization.

Each installment will cover one of five important topics:

  1. The Importance of Quality Data
  2. Fostering a Data-Centric Culture
  3. Addressing Duplicates
  4. Introduction to Data Governance & Stewardship
  5. Assessing the Health of Your Data

Culminating in a full Data Assessment, this course will give you the tools and actionable insights for measurably improving your customer data. You’ll be better prepared to make data a valued asset and the key component of your CRM success.

If you have any questions at any time, contact your Salesforce Account Executive. Or, you can have a Sales Representative reach out to you by filling out this Form. We’re here to help.