Data Quality Crash Course - Lesson 2: Fostering a Data-Centric Culture

We’re into week two of our Improving CRM Data Crash Course. This week’s resource covers the ways you can make data quality a focus and asset across your organization.

Ask yourself:

  • How does data impact the different departments in my organization?
  • Are there data problems that are common across departments?
  • What problems are unique to our team?
  • How are we investing in data quality on my team and across the company?

Implementing data quality initiatives can have a material impact on your business, with the average company experiencing an increase of 15-20% in revenues and 20-40% in sales.


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As companies rely more heavily on data to run their businesses, it becomes important to make it a central focus.

This e-book suggests ideas for how sales, marketing and CRM admin teams can build a successful data-centric culture, to ultimately drive business success.


Form a cross-department task force to discuss, plan and execute initiatives that promote the importance of data quality and foster a data strong culture.

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