Data Quality Crash Course - Lesson 2: Fostering a Data-Centric Culture

It’s week three of our Improving CRM Data Crash Course, and this week’s topic is a hot one. This week we want to give you some actionable steps for reducing the amount of duplicates in your system!

Ask yourself:

  • How many users and teams at your company are creating records in Salesforce?
  • How many duplicate records do you have?
  • How could duplicates be getting into the system?
  • How do duplicates affect your business processes?

Companies without any data quality initiatives or a data strategy in place are likely to have anywhere from 10-30% duplicate records in their system. That means a significant amount of pain and frustration for CRM users trying to use, report on and manage customer data.


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The Essential Guide to Duplicate Alerts and Blocking


Powered by, Duplicate Alerts and Blocking is provided as a standard feature for all Salesforce CRM customers with Professional Edition and above!

This guide helps you understand matching rules and the configurations to adjust for optimal results. Links to support resources, video and visual aids will help you understand how to clean up and prevent duplicate data.


Review or setup your matching and duplicate rules in Salesforce, and discuss a record creation policy and duplicate alerts workflow with your CRM/data team.

If you have any questions at any time, contact your Salesforce Account Executive. Or, you can have a Sales Representative reach out to you by filling out this Form. We’re here to help.