Want better results? Start with a better business contact database

There’s an old adage about the primacy of data quality in any work or activity involving computers: “Garbage in, garbage out.” This saying certainly applies to the sales intelligence inside any company’s business contact database.

The strongest product pitch will fall flat if you don’t have the right people to target. The most compelling lead-generation campaign won’t contribute much pipeline if it’s sent to titles drawn from a stale or inaccurate business contact database. By the same token, sales territory planning becomes tedious guesswork without detailed company profiles in your CRM database.

To build a business contact database with sales intelligence that really does the job, turn to Data.com for Salesforce. Draw on our 30+ million highly accurate cloud-based, crowd-sourced leads—complete with current email addresses and phone numbers, 70% of which are direct dial. And here’s the best part: there’s no need for manual, lead-by-lead importing into your business contact database. Data.com delivers each and every lead right inside your Salesforce CRM database.

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Smarten up your sales intelligence

Ever wonder why many organizations don’t achieve the new-business results they aim for? The answer is sitting—or more appropriately, taking up space—in their business contact databases: On average, 70% of a company’s data goes bad annually. Even more astonishingly, 91% of the data in a typical CRM database is incomplete. There’s no denying it: You just can’t get strong results with a business contact database that’s in such poor health. Instead, you get wasted time, money, and effort on dead dials… plus anemic campaign responses from marketing to far too many defunct, abandoned, or just plain outdated email addresses.

Here’s how to restore an ailing business contact database—and reverse these fortunes with sales intelligence that lives up to the name:

Turn your CRM database into a business growth machine

You’re already running the best business contact database engine: Salesforce CRM. Fill it up with high-octane contact and account data from Data.com—and watch sales results, team productivity, and marketing ROI skyrocket.

When your business contact database is fueled by Data.com, leads start clean and stay that way. Other services collect data from Web crawlers and lists of varying and often questionable accuracy. But when you build your business contact database on Data.com, you get leads from a human source: each contact is personally contributed by a member of the Jigsaw online community of 2+ million sales and marketing professionals. Every contact is cross-checked, rated, and validated by sophisticated scoring algorithms. So only the best make it into Data.com, and ultimately, into your business contact database.

Sales intelligence that stays as fresh as it starts

In today’s 24/7, always-on world—where people change companies and titles every day—it doesn’t take long for a business contact database to fall behind the curve. That’s why Data.com’s Jigsaw community is always on the job, refreshing contacts in real time to the tune of 16,000 updates every business day. As soon as we get them, they go out to your business contact database, together with an alert from Salesforce Chatter to let you know that updates have arrived. Real-time updates ensure your teams are always selling and marketing to current contacts. By contrast, other services refresh their data with comparatively glacial infrequency—only once per quarter or once per year—meaning that more than a little of your business contact database can languish in out-of-date decay for months or longer.

Give new life to your old CRM database

Data.com also works wonders for the data already inside your business contact database. You can configure it to review existing records and fill in missing and outdated data—effectively turning partial and stale contacts into actionable leads.



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Data.com for Salesforce: Connect to customers faster with Data.com

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Data.com is natively integrated, so company and contact data flows seamlessly into your Salesforce CRM. Sales and marketing can allocate resources more effectively, target prospects easily, and connect immediately.

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Boost CRM adoption with clean, current data. Automatically flag duplicate and dead records, get instant Chatter alerts of data changes, and fill in missing fields to make incomplete contacts instantly actionable.

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Data.com Corporate gives you the complete contact data and standard D&B account data you need to find new customers and grow your business. Data.com Premium includes many additional D&B fields to help you do even more. With advanced firmographics, delinquency risk, multiple industry codes, and upward parent linkages with Global Ultimate D-U-N-S® numbers, you can more effectively do sales territory planning, market penetration analysis, and reporting across corporate structures.

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Research has shown that up to 33% of a sales person's time is spent searching for missing data and manually entering it into their CRM. But with Data.com, you can have the industry's leading data right in Salesforce, kept clean and complete in real time. Download the datasheet.

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