Sales lead generation: a fact of business life

Whether you’re a multinational enterprise, a two-person start-up, or anything in between, sales leads are critical to your success. Techniques for sales lead generation range from trolling social networking sites to tapping into other kinds of online and offline sources, to old-fashioned cold calling of names pulled from phone books.

Performing business lead generation in any of these ways consumes time that reps would rather spend talking to qualified customers and closing deals. Worse still, these manual sales lead generation techniques often yield less than useful results, in the form of incorrect phone numbers and partial or outdated data. This type of faulty information leads to more wasted effort and expense pursuing “dead dials” and abandoned email addresses.

Read more the sales lead database builder takes the drudgery, guesswork, and inaccuracy out of business lead generation. It’s the only service that gathers world-class sales lead generation data from trusted sources, unifies it, and delivers it to you right inside Salesforce CRM.

  • B2B leads. brings you a sales lead database with 30+ million complete, up-to-date, high-quality B2B leads crowdsourced and continuously refreshed by the 2 million-strong Jigsaw online community.
  • Company profiles. - Sales lead generation is about mapping out territories, too. And there’s no better or faster way to do that than with’s 200 million corporate profiles from D&B—including in-depth financial and credit data, detailed hierarchies, SIC/industry segmentation codes, DUNS numbers, and much more.

Clean data: the key to successful business lead generation

Clean, complete sales lead data is the key to marketing success, sales productivity, and widespread CRM adoption. Despite their best attempts at sales lead generation, most enterprises end up with data that falls far short of the mark: 70 percent of the average sales lead database goes bad annually, and 91 percent of CRM data is less than complete.

The antidote for dirty sales lead databases is not just the best sales lead generation source—it’s also the most thorough and reliable way to repair the incomplete and stale data hampering your business lead generation efforts.

Effective data cleansing requires highly accurate data to match against, and our sales lead data is in a class by itself. is the only socially powered business lead generation database, sourced and continually refreshed by the Jigsaw online community of 2 million marketing and sales professionals. Every bit of sales lead generation data gets checked, validated, and scored by sophisticated algorithms, and only the best contacts are accepted into our sales lead database. All our records come complete with current email addresses and phone numbers, 70 percent of which are direct dial. compares your existing sales lead data against our complete and highly accurate database—flagging dupes, alerting you to partial records, and informing you when more current information becomes available. To maximize the efficiency of your sales lead generation efforts, these updates come to you continually in real time. This approach lets you keep your sales lead database clean and ensures that you’re always marketing to fresh leads.

Why sales lead generation works better with

Customers, analysts, and research firms alike rate our sales lead generation data as more complete and current than that of competing services. It all comes down to crowdsourcing: Instead of getting its contacts from bots or Web crawlers, gets them from informed and motivated sales and marketing professionals. These Jigsaw community members not only search out and contribute sales lead generation data, but actively cross-check and update our contacts on a continual basis. The result is a superior business lead generation engine that brings you more and better leads. goes way beyond VPs, CIOs, and Directors to deliver the detailed mid-level and specialist titles you need to reach inside millions of enterprises and company departments.



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It’s not just better data—it’s better business starts you off with the industry’s leading contact and account data, then makes it available right where you work. With the right data in the right places, you can transform the way you connect with customers and drive business growth like never before.

It’s the leading business data is proven to deliver 29% higher win/loss rates, 20% higher marketing response, and 58% revenue growth.

  • 4+ million in-depth company profiles from D&B let you target the most profitable accounts
  • 30+ million highly accurate leads from Jigsaw let you quickly find key contacts and build lists

It’s in Salesforce

Want to tap into your full potential? Then use in Salesforce. D&B and Jigsaw data flows seamlessly into your internal business processes, and you gain efficiency and insight with Salesforce analytics, social contacts, and Chatter.

It keeps your data real-time clean

Clean up your Salesforce CRM or any offline lists. Flag duplicates and dead records in real time—or better yet, fill in missing fields in leads and contacts to make them instantly actionable. Pro Icon for Salesforce

The easiest, fastest way for salespeople to prospect. Clean Icon Clean

Clean, update, and backfill all your business data. Lists Icon Lists

Build precisely targeted, highly effective marketing lists.


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