Central Europe Talent Ecosystem

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Everything you need to know about our Salesforce Central Europe Talent Ecosystem

The Salesforce Central Europe Talent Ecosystem has a projected 100.000 jobs created by 2024. With roles spanning from Consultant to Administrator, from Architect to Developer, our vision is to get everybody ready for the future of work with Salesforce skills.

Start your journey today and become a Trailblazer regardless of whether you are an Employer, Professional, Job Seeker, Educator or Student.



“Being a Trailblazer is about pioneering a whole new way of doing business — one in which success is inseparable from building a better world.”

Marc Benioff, Chairman & CEO, Salesforce


Engage Employers - The journey for our Salesforce Partners, Customers & Prospects

With our programs you can (1) find the right Salesforce Talent through 'Talent Alliances', (2) empower your Employees with an individual 'myTrailhead' path and (3) educate your next generation of young Salesforce Talents in our 'Dual Study Program'.

Salesforce Talent Alliance

Connects Salesforce Partners and Talents to build a diverse workforce that reflects society. 


Skill up and advance your Talent with an individual, on-demand, gamified and responsive learning platform.

Dual Study Program

Hire the next generation of Talent with our Dual Bachelor Program focussing on digitalization and transformation.

Enable Professionals & Job Seekers - The journey for Salesforce interested Professionals & Job Seekers

These programs allow you to (1) skill up for the future with 'Trailhead', (2) train the necessary competences with 'Salesforce Pathfinder', (3) find opportunities through 'Trailblazer Connect' or (4) pursue your career with 'Bring Women Back To Work'.


Our learning experience platform is a library of educational content to access whenever you like.

Salesforce Pathfinder

This workforce development initiative is designed to train people for a career in our Ecosystem.

Trailblazer Connect

Learn desired skills, get expert advice and get connected with Trailblazers, Mentors and Employers.

Bring Women Back To Work

We help you regain your confidence and return to the tech industry, or join for the first time!

“To help bring new Trailblazers into the Salesforce ecosystem, we need to work together with our partners to build a diverse workforce that is not only highly skilled, but that reflects society around the globe.”

Tyler Prince, Executive Vice President, Salesforce


Empower Educators - The journey for Salesforce interested Universities and Schools

These programs are designed to (1) provide you with useful resources through our 'Educator Portal', (2) collaborate with Professors around the world in the 'Educator Community' and (3) find your path with 'Your Personal Trailhead Guide'.

Educator Portal

You want to bring Salesforce to your curriculum? We provide you with useful resources to do so.

Educator Community

You want to cooperate with Professors around the world? We love the idea and provide the community.

Your Personal Trailhead Guide

You want to learn everything about Salesforce? Schedule a live session with a regional Trailhead Guide!

Educate Students - The journey for Salesforce interested Students

Students at different stages may (1) look behind the scenes with our 'Online Working Experience', (2) join the 'Dual Study Program', (3) apply their knowledge in our 'Futureforce Summer Internship Program' or (4) be a Working Student at Salesforce.

Online Working Experience

Your high school class wants to learn about Salesforce? Great idea, we'll show you around!

Dual Study Program

You've graduated and are eager to work with Salesforce and study at the same time? Get in touch!

Futureforce Summer Internship Program

You're a Student and want to learn about our solutions while applying your knowledge? Contact us!

Working Student Program

You're about to Graduate and are eager to work with Salesforce during your studies? Let's catch up!


“As we build the economy of the future, we must bring along the workforce of today. Salesforce is committed to empowering people from every background with the skills they need to build careers and thrive in the digital economy.”

Marc Benioff, Chairman & CEO, Salesforce