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We build relationships by design.

Our community of creators is wide-ranging and far-reaching. Yet there’s one thing that unites the thousands of Salesforce designers who design on our platform: relationships are at the heart of everything we do.

Salesforce designer in action

What is a Salesforce designer?

Salesforce designers are passionate about creating human-centered experiences on the Salesforce Platform. We lead with values front and center — building trust into every tool, experience, and service. Learn how to solve complex problems and design solutions that serve both businesses and communities by turning your passion into a Salesforce Designer Certification.

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Cheran Tej Madamsetty

“I truly love the culture and values of my team.”

Cheran Tej Madamsetty
Experience Design
Britta Nielsen

“I love being surrounded by smart, passionate coworkers who come at a problem from different angles and perspectives.”

Britta Nielsen
Helen Hosain

“Everyone is so helpful and so willing to share their passion, information, and ideas.”

Helen Hosain
Kennen Pflughoeft

“A high level of care, and analysis is consistently applied to big ideas and problems.”

Kennen Pflughoeft

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Welcome designers. This group is for all Trailblazers to share their ideas and experiences about design. Let’s learn from our challenges and celebrate our successes.