We build relationships by design.

Our community of creators is wide-ranging and far-reaching. There’s one thing that brings together the 1,000 designers inside of Salesforce and thousands who design on our platform: Relationship Design.

What is Relationship Design?

Relationship Design is a creative practice that drives social and business value by building strong relationships. At Salesforce, relationships have always been at the heart of everything we do. That’s why our designers lead with values front and center and advocate for humanity in the work. The result is trust and connection built into every tool, experience, and service.

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Sustainable Design


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How to Build Trust Through Responsible Bot Design


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The Salesforce Color System


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Relationship Design


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Get Started with Web Accessibility


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Salesforce Lightning Design System


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Design at Salesforce


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Ethics by Design


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Sustainable Design


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The best way to learn about the Salesforce design 
culture is from the people who work here.

I love being surrounded 
by smart, passionate coworkers who come at a problem from different angles and perspectives.

Britta Nielsen



A high level of thought, care, and analysis is consistently applied to 
big ideas and problems.

Kennen Pflugheoft



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