Tools for building relationships, by design.

You have the power to build a better future for customers, employees, and communities by expanding your design practice. Curated by the Salesforce Design team, this first round of Relationship Design tools will help you map, workshop, and design your way to a human — and heart — centered future.

Relationships are important.

You can create love and loyalty for your brand by delivering exceptional experiences. Relationship Design is a creative practice that centers the people behind your business.

Relationships are hard.

Customer expectations evolve, co-workers rely on each other, and communities demand better business practices. Now more than ever, it’s important to create real connections that nurture trust and accountability.

Design can help.

Your relationship-centered design practice can create opportunities to nourish connections with customers, employees, and communities. It’s the key to meeting the needs of tomorrow.

Think about how you can design relationships.

Relationships in life and business get better by setting intentions and following through. The tools below will help you consider your key relationships in these four ways.


your key relationships.
What are the expectations, needs, and commitments of everyone involved?


new opportunities.
What’s the difference between your current and ideal relationship?


mutual success.
How can you determine the kind of relationship you want to build?


your commitments.
How are you ensuring accountability?

Design better relationships with these tools.

This ever-growing toolkit is designed to help you look beyond your day-to-day work to understand the people behind what you’re creating. The toolkit is geared toward designers. The ideas and some workshops are for everyone. Ultimately, it’s about asking yourself “how can I lead with heart?”

You should know that several of these tools were built in FigJam which is a Figma file type. FigJam is free and can be used for brainstorming and mind mapping with teams. Let’s get started. And stay tuned! More design tools are coming soon.

Design Effective Analytics

Need to get the right data to the right people? Use this tool to replace dashboards with analytics that start with user needs.
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UX Critique Guide

Wondering how to have critiques that consider the social, emotional, and functional needs of users? Use this guide to run critiques that center relationships.
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