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SteelBrick provides Next Generation CPQ (Configure Price Quote) apps, built and delivered on the Salesforce® Platform and Salesforce1™ Mobile App. Create accurate sales quotes quickly and submit error-free orders on the fly from any device. Salespeople spend more time selling and less time on paperwork, while eliminating errors and growing order value through cross selling.

Unlike other CPQ solutions that can take a year or more to go live, SteelBrick provides out-of-the-box CPQ with deployment that is 5 to 10 times faster and easier than traditional CPQ applications. SteelBrick has hundreds of customers, including many high-growth companies such as Cloudera, Marketo, HootSuite, Birst, Mulesoft and Nimble Storage as well as enterprise companies such as Mitsubishi and Danaher.

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SteelBrick CPQ - Built 100% on the Salesforce1 Platform
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SteelBrick provides next generation CPQ. Learn how it streamlines sales processes and delivers fast ROI.

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