To redefine what’s next and stay ahead we must balance business understanding, human insight and technology innovation. That’s what we call Intelligent Digital.



Intelligent digital elevates your tomorrow

To be successful in the future, companies and their people need to be comfortable operating in an environment where change is the only constant. PwC helps companies build a culture of innovation and growth. Will you be next?

Intelligent digital unlocks your hidden potential

Upskill your workforce to adopt a new digital mindset, enabling them to make what’s next from within your organization.

Intelligent digital makes you feel special in a crowd

What truly makes for a good experience? Speed. Convenience. Consistency. Friendliness. And one big connector: human touch—that is, creating real connections by making technology feel more human and giving employees what they need to create better customer experiences.



PwC's Shift Podcast Series: Three key factors for a successful digital transformation

Organizations often struggle to realize the benefits of their digital investments, in many cases due to limited technology adoption. Shift’s guests, Jimmy Bremner, Innovation and Transformation Executive at Salesforce, and Christine Robertson, Partner, Marketing, Communications & Sales Leader at PwC Canada, talk about lessons learned and insights from a complex and multi-territory digital transformation.

5 reasons your people will make or break your digital transformation

Large digital transformations often go wrong because organizations prioritize implementing tools rather than helping teams transform the way they work. Here are 5 reasons your people will make or break your #digitaltransformation.

3 ways to build buzz: Creating a powerful campaign that drives digital enablement

When it comes to driving digital enablement, here's why building a strong foundation, customizing by personas, and focusing on leadership buy-in is key to your organization's internal campaign.


Walking the Talk

70% of failed digital transformations are due to a lack of user adoption and behavioural change. Here’s why PwC prioritized people over technology in our own transformation.


BXT: Our way of working

The same old processes and issue-based approaches no longer provide advantages. If you want to build the future, you need a different way of working.