At Salesforce, we believe the business of business is to make the world a better place. Every day of Dreamforce brings opportunities to join the conversation about creating equality and taking action to help do it. Last year’s Equality Summit featured Trailblazers who have dedicated their lives to making the world more equal, including Laurene Powell Jobs and Natalie Portman, and our speakers this year will be equally accomplished and awe-inspiring.  

Daily giving-back activities give you hands-on opportunities to make an impact and help the people who need it most. Last year, we raised $1 million dollars towards ensuring that everyone has the tools needed to get a great education and join the workforce. This year, we can make even more of an impact. Look for details coming soon on how you can lend a hand.

Each year, Salesforce works to integrate sustainability into Dreamforce by conserving resources, sourcing responsibly, reducing waste, and inspiring our attendees to do the same. Last year, we sourced 100% compostable packaging for lunch, conserved over five million gallons of water by eliminating beef from the menu on Monday and Thursday, and offset 100% of onsite water usage, carbon emissions, and employee travel to the event. Check back to find out about our sustainability efforts for this year’s Dreamforce.