Find answers, make decisions, and take action with Wave Analytics.


Get insights and take action, right within Salesforce.

  • Connected Platform

    Wave Analytics plugs into your Salesforce clouds, so you can get up and running right away. No more waiting for IT to install and optimize software and hardware before you can ask questions and take action.

  • Faster Action

    Now when you find an answer, you can quickly take the next step with built-in tools called Wave Actions. Create a task, update a record, share insights, and more — without waiting around for legacy technology or data analysts.

  • Built for Speed

    Wave makes it easy to combine Salesforce data — or any other data — from across your business. So now you can instantly explore information, find insights, and take actions that help your whole team move forward.


Explore your data from any device.

  • Mobile-First Design

    Wave Analytics is designed for mobile and optimized across every device. So mobile never feels like an afterthought, it’s the first thought.

  • Smarter Smartwatches

    Wave Analytics for Apple Watch was the first enterprise app for that device. From desktop to smartwatch and beyond, analytics is now accessible across the entire spectrum of business devices.

  • On-the-Go Collaboration

    Get answers and share findings from anywhere. Wave lets your whole team have a conversation around data, collaborate on answers, and present findings right from their phones.


Wave apps are ready-to-go solutions for sales and service.

  • Sales Cloud Apps

    Sales Wave Analytics comes preloaded with all the lenses and dashboards you need for sales. So sales managers can quickly gain pipeline visibility, track team performance, and uncover new opportunities.

  • Service Cloud Apps

    Service Wave Analytics includes dashboards and lenses that drive better service. Now you can check case trends, agent efficiency, and channel optimization — no matter where you’re working.

  • Quicker Deployment

    Because they’re made for Salesforce, our apps plug into Sales Cloud and Service Cloud and turn right on, so they’re up and running in hours. And because they’re from a company that values the security of your data, trust is built in.


Get Salesforce speed, scale, and security.

  • Native Integration

    Wave connects right to your Salesforce products, and can be managed simply. Instantly and securely explore data, with analytics built by Salesforce, for Salesforce.

  • Easy Installation

    No more hardware hiccups and untimely software updates. Wave is reliable, convenient, and gets up and running much more quickly than traditional solutions.

  • Total Security

    Powerful protection and controls ensure that your company’s data is always secure. So you and your entire team can confidently collaborate through every type of device.

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