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Custom AI Builders

Create tailor-made experiences into the daily flow of work with AI that you can customise and manage directly in your CRM. Use custom AI builders to power relevant customer and employee interactions.

Build your custom AI experience today.

Deliver highly customisable experiences with AI builders.

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Einstein Copilot Studio

Build and extend your custom AI assistants.

  • Customise Einstein Copilot; your trusted, AI-powered coversational assistant with prompts, skills, and AI models
  • Build an employee-facing copilot to help with domain-specific tasks to close sales deals faster and streamline customer service
  • Configure your copilot for use across consumer-facing channels like websites, chat, Slack, WhatsApp, or SMS
"A template of how to configure Prompt Builder.

Prompt Builder

Create, manage, and infuse prompts with dynamic CRM data to steer AI.

  • Define prompt templates, test your output, and easily configure parameters
  • Use merge fields and dynamic grounding through Flow and Apex to enrich prompts with customer context
  • Bring single-click generative AI assistance to supported experiences across the Customer 360
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Skills Builder

Equip Einstein Copilot with a menu of actions that it can mix and match based on your customer's needs.

  • Build and extend Einstein Copilot to steer AI models based on your instructions and your data
  • Safely train Einstein Copilot to call an API, run a Flow, and perform complex calculations across your business
  • Build your own assistant with custom skills, Apex code, and your unique prompts
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Model Builder

Seamlessly integrate your preferred predictive and generative partner AI models.

  • Equip Einstein Copilot with more accurate insights and content using real-time data in Data Cloud
  • Build and deploy AI models from leading ML and LLM platforms
  • Activate your custom AI across the entire Salesforce platform

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Custom AI FAQ.

AI builders allow you to fully customise your customer and employee experience. They give teams the power to build, extend, and manage functionality of AI models based on your specific business needs.

Salesforce includes a suite of low-code AI builders native to our platform, meaning that any team can use clicks instead of custom ML code to customise Einstein. Create bespoke actions, tailor AI prompts, and use the AI models your team prefers.

Custom AI helps you define and take control of the experience your users have with AI in your business by creating specific jobs to be done and managing how they are executed.