At Salesforce, one of our main passions is to watch sales students transform into selling superstars as part our graduate program, Futureforce. To bolster our mission, we often partner and support initiatives that encourage the next generation of sales professionals.

As a proud Gold partner of the European Sales Competition, we are very excited to meet another cohort of sales students at this year’s competition in May. As we’re almost two months away to kick off-of this year’s competition, in-depth preparations are being made in universities across Europe. 

So, we asked former competitors who now work at Salesforce to share their story. Learn about their sales role at Salesforce, and hear how they prepared for the European Sales Competition.


Daisy Fagel, Business Development Representative

I started as a Sales Development Representative and currently I am an Enterprise Business Development Representative for the BeLux market. The great thing about working at Salesforce is that we have the possibility to grow quickly, and that I am surrounded by great people that are willing to share their experiences and knowledge regarding sales. 

My focus for the competition was mainly to understand the value proposition of the company (Salesforce), really understand the products I needed to sell in order to understand the customer pains I was supposed to uncover, and the added value I needed to bring.

Before going into any meeting in my role, it’s very important to know which information you want to extract. What do you want to know from the prospect? What do you want as a next step? If you keep this in mind, along with relevant questions, your structure will bring you to the results desired.


My advice to you is to believe in yourself, persevere and the results will reflect your input. Focus on building a natural relationship with the prospect and really listen to what they had to say. Also, look at the things the jury wants you to address. This is a great guideline for the meeting and will help you to go through all the points that are important.


Husain Al Waily, Account Executive

I am currently part of the Enterprise Corporate Sales team in the Netherlands covering Financial Services. I have been part of the Business Development team in Dublin for two and a half years in the roles of Customer Intelligence Trainee, Sales Development Representative and Business Development Representative, before I moved back to the Netherlands.

Within Salesforce, I have the opportunity to work with multiple talented and experienced colleagues with a common goal in mind: bring companies and customers together using an integrated CRM platform. I love working in sales at Salesforce because of our focus on customer success. It is part of our core values and sets the base for our approach towards our customers.

To prepare for the competition, I had training evenings on a weekly basis; we sat down and discussed the case, we did background checks, put together questions, did customer role playing, and we also organised calls with sales professionals. I ended up reaching third place in the competition! Our university never came that far so they were very proud, and I come back every year to tell my story.


My advice is to give a good qualification and a good sales pitch of the proposed product. The majority of the work was in the preparation, so be confident with the sales methodology, how to make people comfortable, how to get the relevant information from the customer and tell your story and get the follow up. 


Jamie Wilkinson, Marketing Cloud Business Development Representative

I'm a Marketing Cloud Business Development Representative with the UKI team here within Salesforce. I'm based out of Dublin after moving over from the UK, and haven't looked back! I thrive working in sales because I'm self-motivated, target driven and like to see first hand accomplishments of my work.

To prepare, we had 1-to-1 mentorships with our tutor, who outlined in detail what makes a good sales pitch, and included sales theories on how to structure and build a pitch. I also reached out to past participants to get some advice which was super helpful. I had taken a sales module in university which complemented the competition, so it really validated all my university learning, and gave me the ability to put my studies into practise.

I also learned there is a lot of research that goes into a sales call, and you need a plan in place on how to guide and structure a call. But the biggest thing I took away from the competition is the networking opportunities. 


Rachel Kipper, Financial Services Account Executive

I am a Financial Services Account Executive, supporting two mid-market Account Executives and new logo accounts to find and create opportunities. I love working at Salesforce because I am surrounded by so many driven and intelligent people everyday that continually push me to improve personally and professionally.

Ahead of the competition, I decided to leverage my college connections and reach out on LinkedIn to a few Salesforce Account Executive alumni of my university, and they jumped on some calls and walked me through the Salesforce platform, which was very useful to hear how an actual Salesforce Account Executive sells.


My advice for the competition is to have fun, be prepared and make sure you know what you’re talking about. Also, just be natural during the role play, and actually listen to what your buyer is telling you, and not based off what you prepared to say. That’s what the judges seem to be looking for - a person who knows how to control and anticipate. So, use your instinct, backed by your research but most importantly, listen to what the buyer is saying.


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